Season 14 (September 01, 2012 - August 31, 2013)

The Ministry has approved that you may silly walk your way over to FAR TOO SILLY, where killer bunnies and lumberjacks await you!

Nightfall, Always, Poor Posturing, Orchids and Polka Dots, Within Untainted Wombs, Favored Nations, and The Sad, Secret [Sex] Life of Steve Urkel

Written by: Kevin R. Free
Directed by: Christopher Burris

by Kevin R. Free, directed by Christopher Burris

All Johnny Misery wants to do is drink, party with his friends, and then sleep it off under his beloved tree.


Directed by: Kat Yen

Occupy Wall Street meets Fight Club meets the art world.

Each month Melanie and a guest comedian will host a storytelling show that will take the audience on a epic adventure.

Written by: Anna Greenfield
Directed by: Lee Sunday Evans

All Girls is a hyper real, sometimes surreal play about three teenage girls and one colossally scary mother.

They're cock-rocking the NPR crowd with the best underground comedy, storytelling, burlesque and sideshow acts.

They're cock-rocking the NPR crowd with the best underground comedy, storytelling, burlesque and sideshow acts.

Written by: Kelley Nicole Girod
Directed by: Nicole Watson

An Evening of Plays by Kelley Nicole Girod directed by Nicole Watson

Written by: Mose Hayward
Directed by: Nathan Schwartz

Written by Mose Hayward

Bare. Raw stories paired with raw Burlesque. Hosted and curated by Peter Aguero.

Company: Peter Aguero

Raw stories paired with raw burlesque.

Company: Peter Aguero

Raw storytelling. Raw burlesque.

Company: Peter Aguero

Raw storytelling paired with raw burlesque!

Company: Less Than Rent
Written by: Ben Diserens
Directed by: James Presson

Only days away from opening downtown in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, a beleaguered theatre troupe gets sucked into the furor of the debate over the US of A’s occupation of the Middle East.

You are cordially invited to author Kristen Lee's special reading of her original stories and poetry read by some amazing performers.

Written by: France-Luce Benson

A full-length reading

Directed by: Artem Yatsunov

It's midnight in the forlorn warehouses of the Branch Hill Industrial Supply Company.

Company: Peter Aguero

As if Tom Waits and The Moth delivered a baby from the gaping maw of Chaos.

Burlesque-A-Pades; An evening of thrilling live burlesque and variety performances fused with classic old-school comedy sketches sketches.

Written by: Cara Yeates
Music by: Tarun Nayar

Bye Bye Bombay is the story of Gauri a young woman who, after her mother’s tragic death, travels to India to find herself.

Written by: Jose Rivera
Directed by: Kat Yen

A reading of Cloud Tectonics, by Jose Rivera, presented by Spookfish Theatre Company

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman

Written by Clay McLeod Chapman

Directed by: Paul Bedard

Technology has enabled democracy in a way that has never quite been possible before and as a result, it encourages populism. Would we ever elect a President in the same way we elect an American Idol? Would we ever choose policy based on what goes viral?

A storytelling show with a twist.

Written by: Kevin R. Free
Directed by: Christopher Burris

A full-length reading

D20 Burlesque Haunts your Dreams - A Nerdy Evening of Sci Fi, Horror and Twisted Burlesque

Company: Less Than Rent

A warehouse dance party is the setting for this aggressively deconstructed take on the life and work of Tennessee Williams.

Written by: Patricia Ione Lloyd
Directed by: Michael Goldfried

A full-length reading

With Peter Aguero

Written by: Jerome A. Parker

A full-length reading

GeekBoys Burlesque: an All-Male Nerdy-Burly Review! Charge up your Proton Packs... Polish your vibranium shields... and set your Type-II Phasers to STUNNING!

Written by: Jocelyn Bioh

A full-length reading

by Don Nigro, directed by John Clancy and Nancy Walsh, featuring John Clancy and Nancy Walsh

Written by: John Patrick Bray

by John Patrick Bray

Company: The Drafts
Directed by: Michael Rau

By Terence Patrick Hughes

Collision Productions celebrates the big life of a little theater.

The How I Learned Series presents: How I Learned The Hard Way

The improv teams of UNDER St Marks join forces for the first time!

Written by: Kristin Arnesen

In the Yoshiwara club of the red light district, four members of opposing insurgent factions battle for control of a revolution against a crumbling metropolis.

A brand new show featuring five of New York's finest burlesque beauties donning their finest furs and feathers for a flapper inspired evening of bump and grind.


Company: The Drafts
Written by: Michael R. McGuire
Directed by: Heidi Grumelot

World premiere of Michae R. McGuire's play, directed by Heidi Grumelot, and featuring Horse Trade's resident acting ensemble, The Drafts.

Jokes are secret. You no laugh.

Tonight I'm going to tell you a tale, a tale so unbelievable you'll think I made it up, but, I didn't. I was there...right from the start....

Company: RadioTheatre

Tonight I'm going to tell you a tale, a tale so unbelievable you'll think I made it up, but, I didn't. I was there...right from the start....

Company: RadioTheatre
Directed by: Dan Bianchi

Tonight I'm going to tell you a tale, a tale so unbelievable you'll think I made it up, but, I didn't. I was there...right from the start....

Music by: Will Larche

A riotous look at a righteous time in lesbian history, LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON is a musical for anyone who has ever loved wimmin's bookstores, tofu or cats.

Company: RadioTheatre
Directed by: Dan Bianchi

In 2013, RADIOTHEATRE MATINEE celebrates the Bicentennial of a legendary group of storytellers, THE LIGHTS OUT CLUB by presenting the best of their strange, horrifying tales of terror in LIGHTS OUT!

Part audition, part speed date, part creative research, part NYC focus group, part performance.

Directed by: John Turner
Music by: Yves Frulla

The transformation of Cirque Du Soleil and Celine Dion dancer to performer generated theater artist is mirrored in this dark, comic and at times grotesque fable about our modern day obsession with self- image. The exquisite movement skills of Lafond juxtaposed with the world of distortion and manipulation accentuates LITTLE LADY’s tormented and blissful metamorphosis.

Written by: Duncan Macmillan
Directed by: Michael Fulvio

by Duncan Macmillan, directed by Michael J Fulvio, featuring Rob Hille and Sydney Harris

Directed by: Eva Johansen

May and Alia have packed their trunks and set the seas. Travelling from Melbourne, Australia, the duo are making their debut international appearance at Horse Trade.

Company: Nasty Canasta

Naked Girls Reading NYC is the perfect intimate live event: a monthly nude literary salon featuring in the buff readings by local burlesque luminaries, professional librarians, authors and other Naked Girls. Grab a book and head to the beach with Naked Girls NYC: SUMMER READING! Join your favorite naked readers as they share selections from the New York Public Library's Summer Reading lists - and find out what they're reading in the buff north of the border, as special Canadian guest Bianca Boom Boom brings her summer reading picks from the Toronto Public Library, too! Host Nasty Canasta is joined by Hazel Honeysuckle, Miss Mary Cyn, brand-spanking-new Naked Girl Nina La Voix and very special guest Bianca Boom Boom for Naked Girls Reading SUMMER READING. Whether you'll be vacationing in exotic locations or just riding the F train out to Coney Island, the Naked Girls will make sure you have plenty to read this summer!

Company: Bedlam Ensemble

Looking for fun that is exciting, yet natural?

Written by: Zoey Martinson

A full-length reading

Written by: Ben Clawson
Directed by: Artem Yatsunov

We present for you five stories.

Written by Israela Margalit

Directed by: Artem Yatsunov

When Night Blooming Jasmine was first presented in New York in 2000, it sold out its limited run at The Tribeca Playhouse. Now, thirteen years later, the revised and updated Night Blooming Jasmine is timelier than ever.

Written by: Darian Dauchan

A spoken word remix on the 44th President of the United States of America

Oh, Hey Guys! A storytelling open mic and your new best friend. FREE ADMISSION WITH TICKET PURCHASE TO ANOTHER FESTIVAL SHOW!

Directed by: Paul Bedard
Music by: Randall Benichak

The Lovers' Bullfight

ON A MISSION is a comedy show with purpose.

Presented by The All For One Theater Festival

Written by: Thais Francis
Directed by: Christopher Burris

What happens in a black hole when you try to scream?

Possibly the best venue in New York City for performers who like to take risks, Penny's Open Mic at Under St. Marks Theater features some of the most eclectic and talented performers to grace the New York scene. Spoken word artists, musicians and comedians combine aspects of several art forms such as dance and theater to create memorable performances for New York audiences. --CBS New York

Truth and taboo collide in this intimate, one-hour visit with a phone sex operator. Listen closely: she may change your views on sex forever.

With Adam Wade

No, Mister Bond. I expect you to STRIP.

Written by: Ming Peiffer
Directed by: Kat Yen

SEX! SURVEILLANCE! CENSORSHIP! Inspired by real interviews, banned blog posts, and government issued statements, this eclectic mash-up of interwoven stories navigates the trajectories of four Chinese netizens as they act out their fantasies and lives via the Internet.

Written by: Tanya O'Debra
Directed by: Peter Cook
Music by: Andrew Mauriello

Watch, but mostly listen, as Tanya O'Debra lends her voice to ten different characters while simultaneously staging live Foley sound effects in this filthy, filthy, dirty 1940's radio detective spoof. Just like the golden age of radio, only dirtier.

Company: RAWR! Burlesque

Join RAWR! Burlesque as they strip down in honor of their favorite cult movies!

Hosted and curated by Andy Ross

The Fire This Time presents Renaissance Revival.... Join us for our annual fundraiser celebrating our past and presenting our future.


Directed by: Katie Palmer
Paul Bedard
Music by: Randall Benichak

Revolution in 1 explores the relationship between the two definitions of the word revolution: revolt and revolve. How and why do individuals take a stand? What are the eventual, and potentially inevitable, outcomes of this constant cycle of revolution?

It’s True. Rosey La Rouge is afraid to sing.

Porkpie International presents SHOCKS and C-CKS 5: Hot Meat featuring Jonny Porkpie, Tigger!, Hard Cory and more!

It's the [rear] end of the world.

Company: Amios

Short Ensemble Plays: immediate, inspired, personal, organic.

Written by: Tanya O'Debra
Directed by: Stephen Brackett
Music by: Andrew Mauriello

A pseudo-historical, quasi-biographical psycho-romance about America's most annoying poetess.

This month features: The Flat Tires, We Are Thomasse and Special appearance from the Dump Cousins. Character Guest, Sharon Jamilkowski. And Stand Up Guest, Brendan McLaughlin.

From Starving Artist to Thriving Artist One Wednesday at a Time.

Brown Girl Burlesque brings a glittery, funky tribute to the music shows that moved us as kids.

Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! features NYC's funniest female comics and sassiest burlesque acts.

A one night installment of the Sticky 10-minute bar play series.

Stories about science. Really.

Join the Storybook Burlesque troupe as we review some of our favorite stories from our collection!


Nevermore will you see a gothic fairytale such as Storybook Burlesque Presents: Edgar Allan Poe, Tales of the Macabre.

Storybook Burlesque takes on the bestselling book of all time and the greatest story every told: The Bible.

Written by: Kate Foster
Directed by: Jak Prince

Stripper Lesbians, by Kate Foster, directed by Jak Prince, assistant director and stage manager Meg Dowling, featuring Amanda Berry, Joe Beaudin and Samantha Cooper

Written by: Kimleigh Smith
Directed by: Paula Killen

The show is directed by Paula Killen, and recently played to sell-out crowds in New York, Orlando, and Los Angeles.

Company: Animal Parts

Praise for TENDERPITS and AnimalParts: EDINBURGH FRINGE FIRST AWARD, nominee FOUR STARS -The Times, London FOUR STARS -Scotsgay, Edinburgh WINNER, Best Multimedia Performance, United Solo Festival 'Hilarious and harrowing avant-garde autobiography' -Flavorpill NYC 'spastically soulful' -Time Out NY 'a slick, oddball fairytale for our times' -The Stage, Edinburgh 'Dizzyingly surreal and dynamic' -Advocate Magazine

Written by: Chris Barlow
Directed by: Rachel Buethe

by Chris Barlow, directed by Rachel Buethe

Company: Thank You, Robot

Summer Fridays is a showcase for independent and established improv teams.

Written by: Ming Peiffer

The World Premiere of Spookfish Theatre Company’s mutli-media solo show, The ABC’s Guide to Getting Famous, written and performed by Ming Peiffer in collaboration with director Kat Yen.

Company: Adam Wade

A greatest hits show of shows!

Company: Adam Wade

Originally from New Hampshire.

Company: RadioTheatre

Radio Theatre Matinees

Company: Peter Aguero

The BTK Band is NYC's hardest-drinking improvised storytelling rock band.

The most hysterical game show in NYC!!!

Company: The Drafts
Written by: Aliza Einhorn
Directed by: Heidi Grumelot

The Drafts Lab series is our newest 'next step' in the ongoing new play development work happening every month at Horse Trade. This year Drafts will perform bare bones explorations of three promising new scripts.

The Drafts are the resident acting ensemble of Horse Trade Theater Group supporting the work of its artistic community. Committed to new play development, The Drafts monthly reading series has featured over 100 original scripts and inspired several full productions.

Hosted by Seth Lind

A workshop with Peter Aguero.

Company: RadioTheatre

Part of the Radiotheatre Double-Bill Matinee Special! Buy any 2 tickets for 30.00 dollars.

Company: RadioTheatre

Part of the Radiotheatre Double-Bill Matinee Special! Buy any 2 tickets for 30.00 dollars.

Seek truth. Get a T-shirt.

Long form storytelling by Martin Dockery and Ophira Eisenberg

Directed by: Lee Sunday Evans

CollaborationTown is going to change your life. January 13 at 7pm and January 15 at 7:30pm

Written by: Slash Coleman
Directed by: Shanea N. Taylor

Extremely provocative and entertaining. -NPR

Kiki's Paper Dolls presents Midsummer Nights Muses - A Magical summer's evening in the dream realm of the Paper Doll's burlesque.

With performances by Clay Mcleod Chapman and Abe Goldfarb, plus special surprise guests from Pumpkin Pie Show's sordid past

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman

One weekend only!

Presented by The Ghostlights

Company: The Drafts

Charming, witty and fast-paced, The Second Life of Gideon Finn explores the meaning of identity and second chances in all our lives.

by Wreckio Ensemble

Company: Peter DeGiglio

Imagine if Meet the Press had just crashed into the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The end result would be The Skinny with Peter DeGiglio, a comedy news talk show that tackles a new hot button sociopolitical issue each month; often ripped right from the headlines.

Stories about songs.

Not to be missed!

The dirty side of Wasabassco.

Company: Amios
Directed by: Jenna Panther
Rachel Dart

A new play created by four emerging playwrights and a literary director, inspired by Joseph Campbell's work on the Hero's Journey.

Written by: Antoinette Nwandu

A full-length reading

Company: Seth Lind

TOLD is a monthly storytelling show hosted by Seth Lind.

Company: Seth Lind

TOLD's 4th Anniversary show!

Written by: Pia Wilson
Directed by: Shelley Butler

Written by Pia Wilson

Inspired by a scientific study showing that hallucinogenic mushrooms can effectively treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, Adam Strauss embarked on his own program of vigilante psychopharmacology.

by The Dysfunctional Theatre Company

by The Dysfunctional Theatre Company

A collection of comedic sketches and songs about America-- where we are, and where we're headed.

Company: Less Than Rent

A Jacobean Revenge Comedy about sacrifice, betrayal, and prom. Presented by Less Than Rent Theatre. Written by James Presson, Directed by Jake Ahlquist.

Company: Kyle Supley

Singer and comic Kyle Supley and Paulie Fingerz Leschen bring you YOUR MUSICAL TRIVIA JUKEBOX SHOW! which lets you the audience answer themed trivia questions, and choose the songs we perform.