Directed by: Paul Bedard
Music by: Randall Benichak

The Lovers' Bullfight
Federico Garcia Lorca: poet, romantic, believer.
Salvador Dalí: painter, modernist, scientist.
Two of the most influential artists of the first half of the 20th century were
total opposites.

They were also in love.

Through personal letters, public declarations and private musing on art's
purpose, engage with these two brilliant minds over issues still relevant
today. These men personified the essential debate of magic versus
science: what is the thing that keeps us together? Are we just a collection
of molecules? Or is there a soul inside us, yearning for a higher calling for
the human spirit?

We invite you to a gypsy Flamenco cave where passion and ferocity rule
as live music and dancing accompany these men through love, loss, and
ultimate redemption.