Jonathan McCrory

Jonathan McCrory has worked professionally for the past five years as a actor, director and producer. He is a founder of The Movement Theatre Company [TMTC] and Harlem 9, which he currently still works with. A Washington, DC native, he attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and then earned a BFA degree in Acting and Africana Studies at New York University [NYU]. As a director, Jonathan’s directing credits include: Blacken the Bubble, Enter Your Sleep, Hope Speaks, Wake, Last Laugh, With Out Trace and Asking For More. Outside of his own directorial work, he has been able to work as an assistant director under both established and emerging directors such as Talvin Wilks: Anne & Emmet, One Quarter, and Banana Beer Bath; Charles Randolph- Wright: Motown ; and Jesca Prudencio: Black Boy & The War.

Shows participated in:
10 Minute Plays (2012 - 13) Director