Tattoo Girl Burlesque

New York, NY
Rosey La Rouge is the producer behind Tattoo Girl Burlesque, and a founding member of New York City’s ground-breaking new troupe, Story Book Burlesque. She has performed coast to coast, with Hubba Hubba and Red Hots in San Francisco and at countless notable NYC shows. She is an established costume designer for stage, opera and film, and this expertise makes her mix of classic and narrative acts truly dynamic and visually mind-blowing. Diminutive in height, but abundant in curvature, with a penchant for vintage looks and her own lingerie line, Tattoo Girl Lingerie, Rosey lives up to her reputation as The Pocket Sized Pin-Up.

Shows created:
Rosey La Rouge is Afraid to Sing (2013)
Oddi-TEASE (2012)