The Maize Maze of Ozura and Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way To Monogamy

Long form storytelling by Martin Dockery and Ophira Eisenberg
Setting off to Europe for his family’s first-ever large-scale reunion, Dockery instead finds himself mistakenly lost and alone on a farm in Hungary at the largest psy-trance festival in the world. In this brand new comedy about family, thoroughly thwarted expectations, and having no tent in the rain, Dockery takes us on an absurd odyssey as he soberly searches for his cousin amidst 10,000 inebriated revelers. “A masterful storyteller.” –The Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia. “This New York based performer is one of those guys who could probably make a grocery list sound fascinating.” –CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp)

Storyteller and comic Ophira Eisenberg performs 30 minutes of the best stories from her upcoming book, conveniently by the same title