King Kong

Company: RadioTheatre

Tonight I'm going to tell you a tale, a tale so unbelievable you'll think I made it up, but, I didn't. I was there...right from the start....
Horse Trade Theater Group is pleased to present RadioTheatre in the only LIVE ON STAGE performance of KING KONG in the history of the universe! Join us for this monumental yarn of grand adventure and fabulous fantasy, complete with our cast of storytellers, an original orchestral score and a plethora of sound effects that turn the theater itself into an environmental experience! Just bring your imagination!

Journey with us as we take you from the streets of Depression Era New York City to the high seas of the Far East to the prehistoric jungles of Skull Island! Witness the terrifying creatures from another time battle the great and mighty Kong! And, be there when the proud giant is captured and brought back to civilization where he escapes from his chains to wreak havoc upon our world! All for the love of a woman!

Now in its 9th Season, RadioTheatre has been nominated for a Drama Desk Award, 13 New York Innovative Theater Awards; Winner of 2 NYIT Awards; Nominated 5 times for Outstanding Performance Group. For more information visit