The Cabaret Showdown

Audience rating:

The most hysterical game show in NYC!!!
Host : Mark McDaniels
Accompanist : Joshua Stephen Kartes
Judges : Donald Garverick & 2 Special Guest Judges (including Broadway producers, cabaret artists, & local personalities.)
Featuring Diana Bryne as “DiVanna”

$12 at the door
Free drink with ticket purchase!

The Cabaret Showdown is a hysterical monthly game show that takes place the second Sunday of every month at Under St. Marks. Be there as contestants compete for the chance to star in their very own show. Whether you are a contestant or in the audience you are guaranteed to have a blast!!!

Are you a SINGER, PERFORMER or COMEDIAN? Sign up today to be a contestant in the Cabaret Showdown. To register please send your name and interest to There are a maximum of 8 contestants per show and submissions are accepted on a first come first serve basis. The winner receives a FREE one-hour booking at Under St. Marks for their very own show to be performed the following month immediately after the next Cabaret Showdown.

Contestants will be asked to sing selections from various musical categories on our Official Game Board with no knowledge of what the song will be until right before they sing. All songs will be popular standards and to make things easier each contestant will be given a copy of the sheet music and will be accompanied by a live pianist. Our three judges will choose the winners based on how well they interpret their song so feel free to improvise and HAVE FUN!


Contestants will compete two at a time in rounds. The first contestant will choose a music category from the Official Game Board at which point a song will be revealed. They will then decide to either sing the song or pass the song to their competitor. If a song is passed to the competitor, that person will then have the opportunity to select a song category for their competitor after they sing. After each contestant sings the judges will select a winner to advance to the next round.

If a contestant does not know the song they can either improvise their way through it or they will have the option of using a lifeline where they pick someone out of the crowd who knows the song and can sing it in their place. Keep in mind that you only have one lifeline and if that person enables you to move to the next round and you do not know the song again then they will take your place for the rest of the Cabaret Showdown. We encourage you to bring friends who can be your lifeline and cheer you on from the audience.

Please note: The winner will receive a free one hour time slot at Under St. Marks for their own show. The HorseTrade Theatre Group and Sound Street Productions are not responsible for any additional production costs associated with the winner's show.

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Doors open at 6:45pm.

Upcoming themes:
April: Broadway
May: MoTown Showdown
June: Big Band Standards
July: Totally 80's
August: Film & TV Themes