Less Than Rent

New York, NY
Less Than Rent Theatre revels in the joyful, persistent exploration of the purely theatrical, of visceral and innovative work that can only exist within the ephemeral union between artist and audience. We seek to encourage the collaborative core of theatre, connecting actors, directors, designers, playwrights, and dramatists through the pursuit of work that embraces its liveness. Our work is sprung from the collision of enduring stories with the rapidly shifting world of today. We aim to navigate the complexities of our own generation by exploring the vast canons of the past in new and imaginative ways. Less Than Rent Theatre is based in New York City, the hub of innovation and the arts. We are a young and exuberant group, tied together by our commitment to passionate, humorous, and immersive theatre for new audiences, from new artists. www.lessthanrent.org

Shows created:
How LTR Stole Christmas (2014)
White Girl Wasted (2014)
Desire! [A Varsouviana] (2013)
Words, Razors, and the Wounded Heart (2013)
Beckett in Benghazi (2013)