The Fire This Time Festival

New York, NY
The African American experience is not represented solely by one voice or one style. Horse Trade Theater Group will present THE FIRETHIS TIME FESTIVAL, a platform for talented early-career playwrights of African and African American descent to explore new voices, styles and challenging new directions for 21st century performing arts, and move beyond common ideas of what's possible in "black theater." 

Shows created:
Outcry (2013)
10 Minute Plays (2013)
THIS PLAY IS UNTITLED: a working title (2013)
Four (2013)
Dirty Little Black Girls (2013)
Boat People (2013)
Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, or TRIPLE CONSCIOUSNESS (2013)
Ndebele Funeral (2013)
Elder's Mythology of Grass. Part 1: Miracle on Monroe (2013)
The Flower Thief (2012)
Through the Ages II (2012)
10-Minute Play Festival (2012)
Lords Resistance (2012)
One Quarter (2012)
Paradise Blue (2012)
Post Nine and One and One Lives (2012)
thus have I heard: tales of the last bodhisattva (2012)
Casket Sharp (2011)
Gypsy Moth (2011)
On Troubled Waters (2011)
Ten Minute Plays (2011)
The Annointed (2011)
The Flower Thief (2011)
A Goddess Once (2010)
By the Banks of the Nile (2010)
Citizen Jane (2010)
Poetics of the Creative Process (2010)
Reverb (2010)
The Annointed (2010)
The Beyonce Effect (2010)