New York,. N.Y.
WHAT IS RADIOTHEATRE? Well, we’re NOT an authentic re-creation of old time radio shows. Rather, we are inspired by the artistry created during the Golden Years of Radio when SOUND was king and STORY TELLING, along with great voices, music and sound effects…as well as, the individual imaginations of its audiences …were the primary ingredients used to provide a memorable, live, theatrical experience. It’s not much different than the earliest form of Theatre…telling tales around a campfire in the dark where all of one’s attention is focused upon the Narrator.  However, primitive it might sound, it’s still the most powerful means of intellectual stimulation, wherein, the audience is invited to participate by conjuring the images in their own minds…something they are not required to do very often these days. Of course, we do like to add some 21st Century touches…such as fully scored orchestral sound tracks which you won‘t hear anywhere else, a plethora of aural effects and, sometimes, a few visuals, too! As for our stories content, RADIOTHEATRE draws its inspiration from the Pulp Fiction Era when genres such as Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction and Crime dominated the American popular culture…all genres which have been thoroughly mined and exploited by Literature, Cinema and TV, but, generally ignored or spoofed in the Theatre world. Our cinematic scripts and presentational format allows RADIOTHEATRE to deliver nearly anything …from King Kong roaring atop the Empire State Building to an explosive invasion from outer space to the inner voice of a demented mind...all of which you won’t experience anywhere else on the live stage. So, there’s your answer! By combining a unique presentation with non -traditional content, RADIOTHEATRE is a singular theatre company creating modern, innovative stage works.

Shows created:
DRACULA (2014)
The Ghosts of Christmas Past (2014)
King Kong (2013)
The Alfred Hitchcock Festival (2013)
Lights Out! (2013)
The Haunting of St. Mark's Place (2013)
The H.P. Lovecraft Festival (2013)
H.P. Lovecraft IV (2012)
The Naughty Victorians (2012)
H.P. Lovecraft III (2012)
King Kong (2012)
The H.P. Lovecraft Festival I and II (2011)
The Time Machine (2011)
The Time Machine (2011)
Frankenstein (2010)
Sundays With Poe (2010)
The Haunting of 85 East 4 th Street (2010)
Frankenstein (2010)
Sundays with Poe (2009)
Sundays With Poe (2009)
The Haunting of 85 East 4th St. (2007)