Season 13 (September 01, 2011 - August 31, 2012)

The African American experience is not represented solely by one voice or one style. For the third year in a row Horse Trade Theater Group will present The Fire This Time Festival, providing a platform for talented early-career playwrights of African and African-American descent to explore new voices, styles, and challenging new directions for 21st century performing arts in order to move beyond common misconceptions of what's possible in black theater. The festival's core production is a short play festival, presenting new work by featured playwrights. Other festival programming includes panel discussions, staged readings, and concert events.

Company: Joe Yoga

It's been a long, hard year. A year of hopes, dreams, triumph, surprises, love, agony, music, theater, partying, new friends, old friends, loss, sleep well, maybe not sleep WELL FUCK IT. It's that time of year folks...

Company: Peter Aguero

Raw storytelling. Raw burlesque.

Company: Peter Aguero

Combining the best of New York Storytelling with the best of New York Burlesque, BARE will yank the heart out of your chest and stomp on it, only to replace it lovingly in order for it to be destroyed once more.

Company: Bastard Keith

'Tis the season for nudity, drinking and terrible, terrible movies. Bastard Keith and Madame Rosebud invite you to a very special holiday edition of Bastardpiece Theatre! With burlesque assistance from NYC greats Bea B. Heart, Minnie Tonka and Peekaboo Pointe, and guest commentary by our secret Santa Albert Cadabra, Rosebud and Keith will skewer a parade of Yuletide B pictures. As if this wasn't enough, there will be DVD giveaways, drinking games and marathon go-go. Sure, you could just go to the NORMAL movies, but we guarantee: The War Horse will only be half as funny as Bastardpiece Theatre.

Company: Bastard Keith

Burlesque MC Bastard Keith and striptease beauty Madame Rosebud have scoured the earth to find the dumbest, goriest, nakedest exploitation movies you've never seen. Bastardpiece Theater is the result: an out of control evening featuring wild go-go, drinking games, giveaways and hilarious live commentary.

Company: Beaches 2

Tyler Perry’s Beaches 2: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, is the first effort by sketch comedy team Beaches 2. Beaches 2 aims to take a type of joke and see if they can make you laugh about it for one half of one hour. First up: fart jokes.

Company: Direct Arts

BIG FLOWER EATER uniquely blends traditional Asian rituals with carnival illusions, reflecting Linchong’s background as a Taiwanese-American and a former performer at the Coney Island Sideshow.

Step away from your computer to laugh in real life at our weird new world.

Written by: Patrick Storck
Directed by: Justin Plowman

In 2008, Dysfunctional Theatre Company asked, When the Apocalypse comes, will there be beer? There was. Unfortunately there wasn't enough.

Company: Peter Aguero

As if Tom Waits and The Moth delivered a baby from the gaping maw of Chaos.

The Stars of Great Canadian Burlesque return with a fun filled hour of Steamy Burlesque, Mind Messing magic and Killer sideshow!!

Written by: Ben Clawson
Directed by: Artem Yatsunov

Dejected, discouraged and depressed, Jonathon arrives home from work to his miserable little apartment where he lives all alone. Well, he lives all alone with his roommates: his dead dog on the couch, his dead grandpa at the table, and his ex-girlfriend locked in the closet.

Company: Jeff Grow
Directed by: Jessie D. Hill

Showman. Conman. Magician. Jeff Grow explores the diverse facets of the art of deception and confidence - whether for entertainment or manipulation, beauty or deception.

Company: Jeff Grow

Conman. Magician. Jeff Grow explores the diverse facets of the art of deception and confidence, whether for entertainment or manipulation, beauty or deception. Creating Illusion is the recipient of two New York Innovative Theatre Awards, for Outstanding Solo Performer and Outstanding Performance Art Production. Elegant sleight of hand and insight into human behavior collide to dismantle everyday experience and explore the art of creating illusion.

Company: Peter Aguero

I'm going to tell a big long story three times over a weekend in February.

Written by: Eric Kingrea
Directed by: Kimberly Faith Hickman

The childless man misses many a burden. Euripides

Company: Hard Sparks
Written by: J. Stephen Brantley
Directed by: Daniel Talbott

A gun, a bag of stolen books, and a dangerous idea

Company: DM Theatrics

This is it. This is the Big One. This is the End of the Road.

A period instrument duo.

Company: The Drafts
Directed by: Michael Rau

By Terence Patrick Hughes

Company: RadioTheatre

Adapted and directed by Dan Bianchi

Company: RadioTheatre
Written by: Dan Bianchi
Directed by: Frank Zilinyi

Written and Directed ; Sound and Music Design by Dan Bianchi

HOLIDAY STUCCO is a 90-minute event featuring new one-act plays by members of The Public Theater's Emerging Writers Group. Any winter holiday is up for grabs in this seasonal spectacular.

Joe the Shark and Cherry Pitz present New York’s only burlesque soap opera, featuring the finest burlesque and sideshow performers in NY! Chills, thrills, mellow-drama, ridiculous storylines and flying underpants. ...a much-too-brief, pan-sexual, post-feminist party. -

Company: Amios
Written by: David L. Williams
Directed by: Rachel Dart

Sitting in a bar watching a game are a couple and a woman sitting by herself. Before the game ends, time stops, and the three of them have the ability to play out new reality after new reality. As the variations play on, the three begin to learn too much about each other, and are forced to make a decision whether to be free of the past or to hold on to what is theirs.

Company: RadioTheatre
Directed by: Dan Bianchi

Tonight I'm going to tell you a tale, a tale so unbelievable you'll think I made it up, but, I didn't. I was there...right from the start....

My Tea Party is a new show where student play writes from across the states and Canada can submit their work. A group of actors and myself will be performing and directing the material in 2012. As of right now the show is being work shop, so it will be pay what you can.

Company: Amios

Inspired by a yearlong project documenting life in NYC, aMios Theatre Company presents LongShotz: Arrivals and Departures, two separate evenings of six brand new short plays that explore first and final looks at the city of New York.

by Camille Darby

Company: Nasty Canasta

Naked Girls Reading NYC is the perfect intimate live event: a monthly nude literary salon featuring in the buff readings by local burlesque luminaries, professional librarians, authors and other Naked Girls. Grab a book and head to the beach with Naked Girls NYC: SUMMER READING! Join your favorite naked readers as they share selections from the New York Public Library's Summer Reading lists - and find out what they're reading in the buff north of the border, as special Canadian guest Bianca Boom Boom brings her summer reading picks from the Toronto Public Library, too! Host Nasty Canasta is joined by Hazel Honeysuckle, Miss Mary Cyn, brand-spanking-new Naked Girl Nina La Voix and very special guest Bianca Boom Boom for Naked Girls Reading SUMMER READING. Whether you'll be vacationing in exotic locations or just riding the F train out to Coney Island, the Naked Girls will make sure you have plenty to read this summer!

A Sideshow of Beautiful Wonders and Weirdos, Hosted by Tigger!

Written by: Martin Dockery

With the forbidden promise of a wild flight through paradise, a man attempts to seduce a woman onto his aeronautical bed.

ON A MISSION is a comedy show with purpose.

A 90-minute presentation of William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark with all the roles portrayed by Michael Birch. This is Hamlet for a modern audience. Our goal is to bring the classic to life in an accessible way with out losing the beauty of the language that makes Shakespeare great.

by Christine Jean Chambers

by Dominique Morisseau

A one man, multi media, theatrical adaptation of John Milton’s epic 17th century poem involving puppets, state of the art computer animation, and a Rock n’ Roll soundscape. The story begins moments after the battle of heaven, as Satan finds himself and his followers cast into hell. In search of revenge, Satan travels to the Garden of Eden. Jeremy Eliosoff’s computer animation creates a visual feast of the lapping flames of hell and the tangled foliage of Eden. Combining traditional techniques in puppetry and groundbreaking special effects, along with the greatest epic poem ever written. Winner of the Outstanding Show award, The best overall production in the Atlantic Fringe Festival.

Written by: Lucy Johnson

Some jobs you don't put on the resume.

Possibly the best venue in New York City for performers who like to take risks, Penny's Open Mic at Under St. Marks Theater features some of the most eclectic and talented performers to grace the New York scene. Spoken word artists, musicians and comedians combine aspects of several art forms such as dance and theater to create memorable performances for New York audiences. --CBS New York

by Yusef Miller

Company: Tanya O'Debra

Watch but mainly listen as Tanya O’Debra lends her voice to ten different characters while simultaneously staging silly sound effects in this filthy, filthy, dirty 1940’s radio detective spoof. Just like the golden age of radio, only dirtier. Radio Star won Best of the San Francisco Fringe Festival and was nominated for Best English Language Production and Just For Laugh's Best Comedy at the Montreal Fringe Festival. The show was also nominated for Outstanding Full Length Script, Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role, and Outstanding Original Music at the 2010 New York Innovative Theatre Awards.

Santa, bring me a nice package! The outrageous all nude, all dude revue returns with a brand new holiday tale that will warm the cockles of your heart. The cast of the original Shocks and Ccks including international boylesque superstar Tigger!, Mat Fraser, Hard Cory, Ferro and host Jonny Porkpie returns for a night of seasonal cheer. It's a stocking stuffer like no other.

Company: Amios

Short Ensemble Plays: immediate, inspired, personal, organic.

This month features: The Flat Tires, We Are Thomasse and Special appearance from the Dump Cousins. Character Guest, Sharon Jamilkowski. And Stand Up Guest, Brendan McLaughlin.

After tackling such classics as The Bible, Through the Looking Glass and the books of Dr. Seuss, Storybook Burlesque presents their audition show, The Works of Roald Dahl.

Storybook Burlesque takes on the bestselling book of all time and the greatest story every told: The Bible. From the Tree of Knowledge and Lazarus to the Plagues of Egypt and the Second Coming, the Bible Show re-imagines everything you thought you learned in Sunday School. This year, Storybook Burlesque takes a look at the darker side of the Bible, exploring this original horror classic with blasphemy and boobs. End your holiday season right with this irreverent adult take on the stories that put us all in therapy. Who knew a 2000-year-old book was this sexy? Skip church and let Storybook Burlesque save your soul.

SUPERCUTE!'s Ice Cream Social is a fun, all ages, vaudeville variety show featuring inspiring teen artists showing off their musical talent, comedy, and performance art!

Why is everyone in debt? What is money?

Company: Direct Arts

Direct Arts and Horse Trade Theater Group are thrilled to announce a new season of Take Two, the popular monthly double bill that pairs theater and film, past and present, across cultures. Taking place the second Tuesday every month from January to June, the 2012 program will include plays by Ping Chong, Heather Raffo, and Culture Clash, as well as two Academy Award-winning short films and the first ever Take Two Challenge.

Company: Animal Parts
Directed by: Nathan Schwartz

Tenderpits tells the completely 100 percent half-true story of a young wizard's immigration from the wilderness of Canada to New York City. It is a fast paced genre-destroying comedy possessed by bouts of unrestrained hopefulness and brutal intimacy.

Company: Thank You, Robot

Summer Fridays is a showcase for independent and established improv teams.

Company: Adam Wade

Originally from New Hampshire.

The most hysterical game show in NYC!!!

Volume 1 Early Plays and Lost Plays. Once confined only to heated discussions amongst doctoral students, the New York Neo-Futurists unleash O'Neill's stage directions from their dissertation prison, transforming O'Neill's eloquent yet obsessive and often controlling stage directions into rip-roaring physical comedy.

Written by: Pia Wilson
Directed by: Heidi Grumelot

Clinging to nature's promise of renewal, Clark desperately turns to stealing flowers as everything around him slowly wilts. Jumping through time and mind, Pia Wilson's The Flower Thief eloquently explores a young man's grief over the loss of his twin brother.

From a religious theme park in Orlando to Christmas Day in Bethlehem comes one man's ineptly comic and exhilarating pursuit of forgiveness.

The illegal love child of The Great Insatiable Mandarina, Aka Liliana Velasquez and The Indigestible Vicious Bunny. This isocronal occurrence will delight all your senses, thru dance, comedy, burlesque, and music.

Company: RadioTheatre
Written by: Dan Bianchi
Directed by: Frank Zilinyi

The most outrageous RadioTheatre show yet!

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman

This year, The Pumpkin Pie Show is all about the love. We will be sharing tales of romance some true, others ripped from the hearts and headlines of others. This year's stories include...

Company: Peter DeGiglio

Imagine if Meet the Press had just crashed into the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The end result would be The Skinny with Peter DeGiglio, a comedy news talk show that tackles a new hot button sociopolitical issue each month; often ripped right from the headlines.

Historical fact and schoolyard humor collide in Dr. Michelle-Leona Dodin’s autobiographical treatment of Helen Keller’s time in vaudeville. This one woman, two voice, three-act play and its companion lecture grope toward an understanding of what it’s like to be the blind spectacle.

The dirty side of Wasabassco.

Horse Trade presents The Fire This Time THROUGH THE AGES

by Jesse Cameron Alick

Company: Imbewu Trust

Tin Bucket Drum weaves together elements of magical realism, shadow puppetry, Kabuki theatre, and live percussion, while offering a fresh twist to the traditional conventions of African storytelling.

Company: Seth Lind

TOLD is a monthly storytelling show hosted by Seth Lind.

Horse Trade Theater Group announces Dysfunctional Theatre Company’s new ongoing monthly serial, Unlicensed.

Written by: Ben Clawson
Directed by: Artem Yatsunov

Three stories which span a decade in the lives of three Friends: Stu, Brian, and Quinn. Together, they face, witness, and bear different levels of misfortune, misunderstanding, and misery which befalls them in their respective significant otherships.

Company: The Drafts

Can there be a perfect kiss? Will a wall of water burst a burden of guilt? Can a belt buckle baffle the TSA? An escapade forking in unexpected places, this genre-bending blend of storytelling explores the dichotomies we live with -and often choose to ignore. A collaborative effort between four playwrights, five directors and nine actors, when half the sphere is visible creates a greater narrative from four interwoven stories.

A collection of comedic sketches and songs about America-- where we are, and where we're headed.

Company: The Management
Written by: Larry Kunofsky

It's a busy, happening Saturday night in the Big City, and everyone we know is having a party in their apartment. Apartments! Parties! People! Music! Dancing! Cell phones! Flashbulbs! Making Out! Longing. Your Boyfriend May Be Imaginary is a stylish and romantic party play about a group of 30-somethings negotiating their way through the pitfalls of coupledom.

Company: Kyle Supley

Singer and comic Kyle Supley and Paulie Fingerz Leschen bring you YOUR MUSICAL TRIVIA JUKEBOX SHOW! which lets you the audience answer themed trivia questions, and choose the songs we perform.