Beaches 2

Beaches 2: Sketch Comedy for Best Friends An Unoffical History One cloudy, stormy, menstratey day a goatgirl named Tanya was born to three hillbilly farmhands named Sylvester, Sylvester and Genitalias. She was the happiest goat in all the land. Clop clop clop, she clopped, while clopping. "Boy i sure do love clopping" Tanya clopped cloppingly. "But you know what? I wish I was famous." It was at that exact moment when a Duck named Tobly, a rabbit named Mary and a pedophile named Bob chanced across the farm while looking for an inexpensive alternative to tomatoes. All of the sudden everyone got really turned on. There was extended eye contact, billowing of things you billow, weeping. Something very sexy was about to happen when someone farted. We shall not reveal who it was to protect them but their name starts with a B and ends with an OB. Needless to say the mood was sufficiently ruined. "What should we do now?" said Bob as he dialed up the afterschool homework hotline. Tobly the Duck and Mary the rabbit had a plan, however. "A sketch group" quacked Tobly! "For best friends!" Rabbited Mary "I disagree." Disagreed Tanya And so Beaches 2 The Sketch Group was formed. Trumpets were sounded, rays of sun peaked through the crowds, newborn babies were abandoned in bus stop restrooms. And all was right in the world. Amen.

Shows created:
Beaches 2 (2012)