Tanya O'Debra

New York, NY
Tanya O’Debra is an art doer. She does art that is mostly comedy. Here are a few paragraphs describing the kind of art that Tanya O’Debra has did, and any accomplishments that sound fancy after doing such arts. Formerly of the ECNY Award nominated comic sister duo, The O'Debra Twins, Miss O’Debra has been a mainstay of the New York underground theatre/comedy scene since the dawn of time. As one half of The O’Debra Twins, she co-hosted the hit open mic SHOW & TELL at The Bowery Poetry Club for five years. Their wildly popular annual O’Debbie Awards Show garnered a Best of New York Award from The Village Voice. Tanya was a member of Mo’s Hoes, the in-house sketch comedy team for Radical Vaudeville, which ran twice monthly for two years at Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction. She won the second annual Miss Fag Hag Pageant as judged by Jon Cameron Mitchell, Michael Musto and Leslie Jordan. Miss O’Debra was a member of the sketch comedy group, Beaches 2, who had a monthly show at Under St Marks Theater that ran for a year. Before The O'Debra Twins, Miss O'Debra graduated from AMDA. She is in equal parts proud and ashamed of this fact. Before AMDA, Miss O’Debra lived in the Greater Boston Area, an area of which she is a native. Here is a hilarious fact. Tanya O’Debra was a member of Boston’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Full Body Cast. She sometimes played Janet. Tanya O’Debra writes plays. She co-wrote and co-directed Fuck You or Dead Pee-Holes; an American Tale in Thirteen Acts, which won The Excellence Award in Overall Production at Fringe NYC, the festival's top honor. Her play, Radio Star, has been produced all over the world recieving numerous awards and accolades. Miss O’Debra hosted a weekly internet show on www.younow.com called Prank-a-thon. She and her guests broadcasted live prank calls to unsuspecting individuals. She is a fiscally sponsored artist of Fractured Atlas. Her new play, Shut Up, Emily Dickinson, will hit the stage soon. Miss O’Debra is the expectant mother of twin unicorns.

Shows created:
Radio Star (2012)
Radio Star (2011)
Radio Star Orlando (2011)
Radio Star (2010)