Storybook Burlesque

Storybook Burlesque takes on the bestselling book of all time and the greatest story every told: The Bible. From the Tree of Knowledge and Lazarus to the Plagues of Egypt and the Second Coming, the Bible Show re-imagines everything you thought you learned in Sunday School. This year, Storybook Burlesque takes a look at the darker side of the Bible, exploring this original horror classic with blasphemy and boobs. End your holiday season right with this irreverent adult take on the stories that put us all in therapy. Who knew a 2000-year-old book was this sexy? Skip church and let Storybook Burlesque save your soul.
Heat up your holiday with the 3rd annual Burlesque Blitz. Come see the best Burlesque shows in NYC all in one week courtesy of Basterdpiece Theater, Hotsy Totsy Burlesque, Bare, Socks & Cocks and Storybook Burlesque.