Joe Yoga

New York
Joe Yoga is a songwriter, stage performer, writer, found-noise archivist and visual artist from NYC. As a singer/songwriter he regularly plays venues all over NYC and beyond, both solo and with his band Downward Dogs. Downward Dogs' debut album Familiar Techniques arrives August 2012. It was recorded and mixed by Brian Speaker at SpeakerSonic in Brooklyn NY and mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering in Brooklyn. Find out more at He released his last solo album, Life Out East, in September 2010 and his album "The Dreamless Sea", an album of earlier recordings collected from now-unavailable releases, is available for free download at He also plays bass in Killy Dwyer's punk performance-art comedy rock supergroup Kill the Band, whose debut record Mock Bottom arrives on June 28 and June 30 with a two show theater experience/album release event at Under St. Marks Theater as part of Horse Trade's Mini-Fridge festival. He is working these days mainly in black and white, guitar, cassette tape, hand claps, acrylic, and the burdens of rage, love, and exhaustion towards "a sort of land-where-blues-began attentiveness to the half-broken heartbeat of a sound" (Nick Courage, A Mutual Respect Books and Music). As a stage performer he is proud to be working again with Natalie Underwood in her production of A Wendy Story, which will be doing a two week run at Under St. Marks Theater in July 2012. In 2010 he was featured in Ms. Underwood's play Buckle Up, in Kill the Band (Audience Choice Award Winner, 2010 Frigid Festival) and Ramblings of a Gentleman Scumbag (Imperial Award / Donor's Choice, 2010 Frigid Festival). He produces an annual Christmas spectacular, "A Very Yoga Christmas", which will be celebrating its 5th year in 2012. "Towering; baby-faced." - The Village Voice

Shows created:
A Very Yoga Christmas (2012)