Creating Illusion

Company: Jeff Grow
Directed by: Jessie D. Hill

Showman. Conman. Magician. Jeff Grow explores the diverse facets of the art of deception and confidence - whether for entertainment or manipulation, beauty or deception.
The mirage of perception can be manipulated for entertainment or influence, beauty or deception. Creating Illusion is an exploration of how the same tactics that Jeff uses on stage are used in anything from advertising to politics to con artistry. Jeff’s grandfather was a magician and started teaching him the art of illusion when he was seven. Since that time the notion of observation and attention to others’ perception (or more specifically manipulating that perception) has been ingrained in him. This, in turn, has led to a fascination with how the same methods he uses are used in everyday life, from interpersonal communications to business and commerce. Jeff takes you on a journey dismantling the diverse facets of the art of deception using illusion, sleight of hand, discernment into human behavior and reflecting on observations from some of his most fascinating personal interactions. This becomes timely and poignant against the backdrop of current events – the banking melt down, Ponzi schemes, bailouts and even the battle over healthcare. Creating Illusion premiered at the 2009 solo NOVA Festival at the DR2 Theatre in New York City to sold out performances and was the top box office draw of the festival. The 2009 New York Innovative Theatre Awards recognized Creating illusion with awards in both Outstanding Solo Performer & Outstanding Performance Art Production and a nomination for Outstanding Short Script. To view the trailer for Creating Illusion visit: