Written by: Ben Clawson
Directed by: Artem Yatsunov

Three stories which span a decade in the lives of three Friends: Stu, Brian, and Quinn. Together, they face, witness, and bear different levels of misfortune, misunderstanding, and misery which befalls them in their respective significant otherships.
Episode I: Virilia
Quinn is heartbroken, but it's ok cause Brian and Stu are going to cheer him up the only way they know how; by behaving horrendously.

Episode II: Virility
Quinn and Stu hold hidden secret feelings that they keep to just themselves about Brian's girlfriend. But they can't quite manage to keep them hidden, secret, or just to themselves.

Episode III: Visectomy
In the thrilling conlusion, Stu gets it the worse than anyone. But at least, as always, Brian and Quinn are there for him and that turns to be the worst part of it all.