DM Theatrics

New York, N.Y.
DMT was founded as Danse Macabre Theatrics in 1999 by producer/director Frank Cwiklik in New York City. DMTheatrics was launched with the express purpose of creating theater for audiences, not agents or academics, and for taking advantage of the immediacy and aggressiveness of live performance by creating immersive, emotionally engaging and spectacular theatrical pieces. By looking back to the classic forms of burlesque, vaudeville, cabaret, linear storytelling, and spectacle, DMT hopes to create new and exciting theater for the present and help usher in the future of performance with clean, direct, attractive works that excite, inspire, and most importantly, entertain. DMT does not workshop its pieces, nor does it hold staged or seated readings, as we firmly believe that the only way to truly "break" a show is by doing it, no pretention, no discussion, no nonsense. Even with an 18-month break in the middle of its first decade, DMT has staged more shows in the past 11 years than most theater or production companies manage in a quarter century, and has more shows planned and prepared for staging than many people have even seen. Our shows may be loud, they may be chaotic, they may be eccentric, they may even be stupid, but they are always heartfelt and engaging, and they are never, ever boring.

Shows created:
Final Curtain... The Last of Ed Wood (2012)
The Taming of the Shrew (2011)
Two Gentlemen of Lebowski (2010)
The Wild Women of Wakky-Nunu! (2008)