Jess Chayes

Jess Chayes is a co-founder and resident director of The Assembly Theater Project and a freelance director. With The Assembly, she has co-created and directed “We Can’t Reach You, Hartford” (Edinburgh Fringe First Nominee, The Scotsman), “Daguerreotype” (The Abingdon Theater), “What I Took in My Hand” (The Ontological Theater, the Brick Theater), “Clementine and the Cyber Ducks” (The Ontological Theater, reading at P73), “The Dark Heart of Meteorology” (UNDER St. Marks), “The Three Sisters” (The Red Room, The Cherry Pit), and the upcoming “Weather Underground Project”. Jess is a New Georges affiliated artist and founding member of The Jam.

Shows participated in:
Long Shotz (2011 - 12) Director
The Dark Heart of Meteorology (2009 - 10) Director
The Three Sisters (2009 - 10) Director