Claire Went To France

Written by: Ben Clawson
Directed by: Artem Yatsunov

Dejected, discouraged and depressed, Jonathon arrives home from work to his miserable little apartment where he lives all alone. Well, he lives all alone with his roommates: his dead dog on the couch, his dead grandpa at the table, and his ex-girlfriend locked in the closet.
Inspired by a strange alchemy of styles derived as much from Samuel Becket as Jerry Seinfeld, Claire Went to France tackles the heaviest of the existential questions with the apathy of a stand up comic. It hinges on the time specific fact that currently being a twenty something in America is like no age or era ever to come before it. With all the options in the world available they take none of them, and with all the comforts in the globe no one seems pleased. Through examining one character's specific directionless uncertainties, Claire Went to France hopes to stumble on the universalities and cosmic comedy that are set into play when each of us wake up every single morning.