Beaches 2

Company: Beaches 2

Tyler Perry’s Beaches 2: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, is the first effort by sketch comedy team Beaches 2. Beaches 2 aims to take a type of joke and see if they can make you laugh about it for one half of one hour. First up: fart jokes.
Beaches 2 is a sketch comedy group, and they present a brand new sketch comedy show every month! This month marks one whole year of complete chaos, filth, depravity, tears, and possible jail time. In celebration of this extremely important historical landmark, Beaches 2 will engage in a glory hole of anniversary and holiday themed sketches. Beaches 2: sketch comedy for best friends.Starring Mary Crosbie, Tanya O'Debra, and Bob & Tobly McSmith!!!Hosted by Ben Lerman!!!!Featuring the fabulous chanteuse Vicky Modica!!!!