Oh, That Wily Snake

Written by: Martin Dockery

With the forbidden promise of a wild flight through paradise, a man attempts to seduce a woman onto his aeronautical bed.
Following years of performing theatrical monologues all across The U.S., Canada, & Australia (Wanderlust, The Bike Trip, The Surprise, and The Holy Land Experience), Martin Dockery brings his award-winning two-person play home to New York City, the last stop on an eight-city tour across North America. As the story of a man trying to get a woman into his flying bed, Oh, That Wily Snake! appears, at first, to be a surreal comedy. But as the fantastical adventure unfolds, the battle between temptation and fidelity turns ever more serious, climaxing in a moment that resonates from the very beginning of time.

2011 reviews of Oh, That Wily Snake!
“Terrific performances and crazily Inventive.” –The Vancouver Courier, Vancouver
“Superb performers.” –The Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
“Standout performances that perfectly straddle the comedic, quirky and menacing parts of the script.” –The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon
“Great performances & a script that has everything – hilarity, wit and philosophy.”
–Vue Weekly, Edmonton
“The dialogue is so clever & witty you wish you had the gift to be so inventive yourself.”
–Edmonton Sun, Edmonton
“Funny & intense.” –Plank Magazine, Vancouver
“???? You become entranced.” –London Free Press
***2011 BEST ACTRESS AWARD, London Fringe Festival: Vanessa Quesnelle***