Season 10.2 (September 01, 2008 - August 31, 2009)

Burlesque star ANITA COOKIE loves to drink almost as much as she loves to play games! COME ON DOWN to Anita's Underground Game Show, where anyone can be a winner- even YOU!

Anyone For A Threesome? is an anthology work of three short one-act plays, showcasing the diversity of theatre as a medium. Each work focuses on a different mode of storytelling, with different questions raised and points addressed, but symbiotically attempt to present the greater range of possibilities of the art form.

Directed by: Eric Chase

This classic comedy features two sweet old ladies who poison lonely men as an act of charity. One of their nephews is a serial killer. Another thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt. The third just wants to marry his girl and keep his aunties safe from the Brooklyn Police Department. There is a slew of dead bodies buried in the cellar and another in the window seat. Because murder insanity and family are very Dysfunctional.

Directed by: Joshua Chase Gold

With the popularity of confessional websites, blog culture, and the advent of the technology age, Counting Squares Theatre examines the cause and effect of our increasingly stark interpersonal relationships. Counting Squares asks the question: Why can’t we deal with each other and really be ourselves out in the open. Through the use of scene work, song, dance, and multimedia we expose how our inner secrets cause our outward fears.

Written by: Robert Gibbs
Directed by: Dennis Henry

In a house full of Catholic women, Rick learned that good girls don't like sex. Hear the hilarious description of how he learned otherwise while growing up and transitioning from blue-collar union worker to Shakespeare scholar and professional actor.

When the Zombie Apocalypse hits Baltimore, Derek, Matt, Kim, Nexus and Craig have a plan. Get out of town. Get beer. And always, always shoot the head.

Company: amuse collective

Everyday, SHE meditates at the dog park to try to let go of her slowly deteriorating parents and dead brother.

Company: amuse collective

Everyday, SHE meditates at the dog park to try to let go of her slowly deteriorating parents and dead brother. There, she meets her therapist in the wet tongue of a Black Lab German Shepard standing alone by the fence. The therapist dog, who wears a red robe and smokes an intricate pipe, guides SHE on missions to go to the banks of the grave of the boy that is buried, to take off her grotesque mask and hang her face on a doorknob, and to look her dad straight in the eye. This one-woman play is about putting yourself back together after everything you once knew and trusted has fallen apart.

Company: The Management

CAITLIN AND THE SWAN tells the story of a frustrated SAT tutor, her animal-loving friends, and their powerful attractions to the forbidden. Inspired by the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan, this play explores feminism, bestiality, and the twisted links between pain and love.

Berliner’s Otto and Astrid Rot are back for another North American tour to celebrate the release of their acclaimed Super Musikant CD - a ten-track high-energy feast of rock, studded with rich veins of roll. The Teutonic twosome are hungry to back up the hype by ripping through a brace of their sparkling pop-punk anthems live.

Written by: Mike Leigh
Directed by: Sara Laudonia

ECSTASY covers the lives of four blue-collar friends living in 1979 London and the drunken frustration in their lives...

Company: Theatre Reverb

Dr. Olga and Dr. Bjorn manage to do their rounds and charm their own pants off while hosting this entirely unpredictable production that features audience tampering, two wildly comic ExcessoMimes, Gluttony and Lust, an outlandish game of Operation, you're the doctor!, video, tap dancing, life saving, competitive eating, and outrageous fun.

Stand up, sketch and music. Free show, amazing lineup and 4 dollar tallboys. Who could ask for anything more?

Directed by: Alisha Huber

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar takes place in a world of male power and dominance. The Rome of Shakespeare’s play is an arena of male competition, in which the female characters attempt to avert tragedy but find themselves powerless to do so. The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company takes on this testosterone-filled play with an entirely female cast, exploring the performance of gender and challenging preconceptions of male and female. Alisha Huber directs a cast featuring Pigeon Creek actors Heather Folkvord as Brutus, Katherine Mayberry as Cassius, and Kate Bode as Caesar.

Directed by: Lindsey Moore

LIARS is a collection of eight brand-new comedic plays about deceiving, falsifying, fibbing, and stretching the truth.

Directed by: Lindsey Moore Sproul

PLUCKING FAILURES LIKE RIPE FRUIT is a collection of small works by big playwrights, all of which are about people trying, and failing, at love.

Directed by: Heidi Grumelot

An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost With original music by Dan Beeman of Helmet Directed by Heidi Grumelot in collaboration with Jaq Bessell

REVEALED is a burlesque show unlike any other. It's a seduction, a tease, an epiphany, a dare, a conspiracy of pleasure. Hosted by devilishly charming master of ceremonies Bastard Keith, each show stars a rotating ensemble of the most beloved burlesque performers in New York. Fresh editions of Revealed feature new performer debuts, surprise guests from around the world and innovative performances representing the state of the art in risque entertainment. Come out and experience an evening of salacious striptease and skin, where the climax of each number leaves everything REVEALED.

Company: The Drafts

The Draft’s 10 Minute Play Festival- Six Plays About Hope is the collaborative effort of six emerging playwrights, six imminent directors, and ten multifaceted actors. Each play was written specifically for The Drafts- playwrights were given randomly compiled cast lists and the theme HOPE before setting out to write them.

Directed by: Jason Tyne

Horse Trade presents A Rising Sun Performance Company production of SPORKNOTES Conceived and Directed by Jason Tyne A team of highly unskilled non-academics perform improvised abridged versions of the great works of literature as chosen by the audience based on nothing more than an unabridged plot summary.

Company: RadioTheatre
Directed by: Dan Bianchi

Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe's Bicentennial 1809-2009 with the critically acclaimed, award winning Radiotheatre in a unique event as they perform live, on stage, a year long presentation of seventeen major works by the grand master of American horror!

Company: RadioTheatre

A Radiotheatre Production

Company: RadioTheatre

Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe's Bicentennial with the critically acclaimed, award winning Radiotheatre in a unique event as they perform live, on stage, a year-long presentation of seventeen major works by the grand master of American horror! Included are: THE TELL TALE HEART, THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, THE HOUSE OF USHER, MORELLA, THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, BERENICE, THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO, THE BLACK CAT, THE RAVEN, ANNABEL LEE, HOP FROG, THE OVAL PORTRAIT, THE PREMATURE BURIAL, THE CASE OF MR.VALDEMAR, WILLIAM WILSON, LIGEIA and THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE...all newly adapted audio works for the stage by Dan Bianchi, complete with our great cast of storytellers, special guests, original orchestral scores and a plethora of sound effects!

Company: The Management

THE CHALK BOY is a deathly black comedy about measuring your own worth by comparing it to everyone else’s.

The Cody Rivers Show creates kinetic and unpredictable comedy theatre that has amazed audiences and defied description for the past four years.

Company: Human Group
Written by: Gertrude Stein
Directed by: Randi Rivera

I am I because my little dog knows me. In this new adaptation of Stein’s humorously dizzying novel, The Geographical History of America, Human Group plays with the ways we conceive, contextualize, and perform our identities. Employing poetry, movement, and music, this show is a communal experience for the Facebook generation.

Company: Human Group

There are no limits to my ability to fast! In this explosive performance, Franz Kafka’s strangest character comes to life and invites the audience to come and share his dark cage. Nick Fesette, in a truly naked performance, plunges headfirst into the soul of the hunger artist and ecstatically emerges drenched in theatrical placenta. Using song, dance, and circus tricks, the Human Group explores starvation, the human body, and what it means to be a performing animal.

The Pumpkin Pie Show by Clay McLeod Chapman. A literary fist in the face. Part spoken word, part monologue, part boxing match -- THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is a rigorous storytelling session packed with enough intensity to feel like a rock concert rather than a bedtime tale. New stories every night, picked at random during the show. Fair warning: We leave the fourth wall far behind...

Company: The Management
Written by: Kristen Kosmas
Directed by: Courtney Sale

THE SCANDAL is a one-woman show about a small town gal, Pink, who has devised the perfect, poetic suicide plan.

5 Short Plays that explore the perversity of our most basic and sometimes base relationships, in situations that will make you scratch your head in disbelief.

Directed by: Walter J. Hoffman

An expose not for the faint of heart, VICE GIRL CONFIDENTIAL uncovers the grime and grit plaguing the seedy streets of 1950s Gotham. Only one man, D.A. Walter Slade, can stand up to vice racket kingpin Duke Craigie that is, if he can shake off his yen for Stella Fontaine, the madam of New York’s most infamous brothel.

Written by: Paul David Young
Directed by: Mary Beth Smith

An American scholar in Berlin uncovers the dangerous equation behind his attraction to the great German dramatist Heinrich von Kleist, who died in 1811 in a notorious double suicide.

Directed by: Joshua Chase Gold

In this new and gripping adaptation, set in the present day south, we will take a poignant look at the effects of wartime on young men.