Directed by: Joshua Chase Gold

In this new and gripping adaptation, set in the present day south, we will take a poignant look at the effects of wartime on young men.
After seeing war and bloodshed, Franz Woyzeck returns home to his lover and child. Unable to reintegrate into society, perform sexually, or relate to those around, he is thrust into a world of confusion and chaos. Incorporating Andrews Sisters style music throughout, this production is both timely and entertaining.

Counting Squares Theatre is a grass roots ensemble company that serves to create theatre to both entertain and reflect the issues, struggles, and joys of our community. Our primary task is to find new works and reconstruct classic pieces that reflect the human condition.

We celebrate, through performance, the delicate balance of human relationships and aspire to the creation of theatre as an art form. Through the integration of ideas from all our company members we aim to provide accessible theatre to our audiences. We believe in magic; and that sometimes a chair and an actor is all the smoke and mirrors you need.