REVEALED is a burlesque show unlike any other. It's a seduction, a tease, an epiphany, a dare, a conspiracy of pleasure. Hosted by devilishly charming master of ceremonies Bastard Keith, each show stars a rotating ensemble of the most beloved burlesque performers in New York. Fresh editions of Revealed feature new performer debuts, surprise guests from around the world and innovative performances representing the state of the art in risque entertainment. Come out and experience an evening of salacious striptease and skin, where the climax of each number leaves everything REVEALED.
"Worth considerably more than the paltry $20 admission fee it demands, the neo-burlesque show "Revealed" offers up a substantial helping of coquetry, comedy and camp...."
Anna King

"You can't go wrong at "Revealed" if you're looking for a night of escapist fun and classic entertainment. And you can drink in the theater. Doesn't get much better than that."
Larry Litt