Six Plays About Hope

Company: The Drafts

The Draft’s 10 Minute Play Festival- Six Plays About Hope is the collaborative effort of six emerging playwrights, six imminent directors, and ten multifaceted actors. Each play was written specifically for The Drafts- playwrights were given randomly compiled cast lists and the theme HOPE before setting out to write them.
The evening will include plays by Pia Wilson, William Barnett, Joshua Conkel, Kelly Girod, Suzanne Dottino, and Chris Kipiniak.

Direction by Heidi Grumelot, Randi Rivera, Chris Diercksen, Shawn Refro, and Patti Murtha.

Performed by: Sarah Babb, Arooj Majid, Nick Maccarone, Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Stephon Pettway, Michele Pruett, Jennifer Soo, Yesenia Tromp, and Nicholas Wilder