Rising Sun Performance Company

New York, NY
Founded in September of 2001, RISING SUNPERFORAMNCE COMPANY (RSP) is a downtown Off-Off Broadway theatre company dedicated to producing ensemble-based work. It is run by artists for artists to allow them to create their own opportunities instead of their opportunities creating them. RSP is the full time artistic home for a wide range of theatre artists, including actors, writers, directors, designers, singers, and dancers. 2011 marks the beginning of RSP’s Tenth producing season and its sixth year of residency at Horse Trade Theater Group, culminating in 35plus productions and events. This includes the development of twelve world debut plays, over 30 One Act Plays as part our annual series, the launch of an on-going musical cabaret series, free outdoor performances, children's theatre, immersive themed theatrical experiences and its trademark revivals, including sold out critically acclaimed hits: The Shape of Things, An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein, Hellcab and most recently The Last Supper.

Shows created:
Encounters (2010)
Last Supper (2010)
Sporknotes (2009)
Perceptions (2008)
DeCADEnce (2007)
Hell Cab (2006)