Counting Square Theatre

Counting Squares Theatre is a collective dedicated to telling stories in our own way. We are passionate about creating collaborative works within our company, and taking a fresh look at the classics. We were founded in 2007 as an outlet for our varying interests: acting, directing, producing, scenic design, writing, and music composition. Since its inception Counting Squares Theatre has produced seven full scale productions including: BOYS' LIFE, BENT, CARPE TUNNEL (a CST original devised work), WOYZECK, BIGGER THANi (the 1st incarnation), and THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, as well as workshops of CAMP WANATACHI, SPANKY AND SPRY, and THE SCOURGE OF DISTRACTION. In 2008 Counting Squares Theatre received the award for The Independent Theatre People of the Year. ? ? We are proud of where we have been and are excited about where we will go, but most importantly we are focused on where we are now. We are proud to be a grassroots ensemble based in NYC, and more specifically the amazing arts scene in Brooklyn. We get our inspiration from our surroundings and tell the stories of the world as we see it. We are truthful and edgy, but always try to temper life with a little humor. We believe that where you were last month is not all all where you will be next month, so like life, our collective is dynamic and versatile because we believe it will keep our story telling it's fun.

Shows created:
Woyzeck (2009)