Anyone For A Threesome?

Anyone For A Threesome? is an anthology work of three short one-act plays, showcasing the diversity of theatre as a medium. Each work focuses on a different mode of storytelling, with different questions raised and points addressed, but symbiotically attempt to present the greater range of possibilities of the art form.
I Am Tricky Nicky
Written by Adam Samtur
Directed by P. Case Aiken III
“I Am Tricky Nicky” plays upon an organic scene that is influenced by dementia or possibly the preternatural, from the vantage point of those who are witness but not fully understanding. A woman who may be a stand-in for Cassandra, or might just be insane, offers advice to those around her, even when the problem in question is only in her head.

Let Them Eat Cake
Written by Matthew Kagen
Directed by Adam Samtur
“Let Them Eat Cake” offers a look into a heightened state of reality, where tensions run high, both sexual and violent. With surreal elements that appear throughout, the audience is asked to discern what is real and what is just in the minds of the characters while coming to know everyone’s darkest secrets.

Sans Deus
Written by P. Case Aiken III
Directed by Matthew Kagen
“Sans Deus” is a look at passion overtaking purpose in the lives of several individuals. Following several unrelated stories of men becoming obsessed with building machines or various kinds for various reasons, patterns become apparent in what that obsession will do to a man.