Anita's Underground

Burlesque star ANITA COOKIE loves to drink almost as much as she loves to play games! COME ON DOWN to Anita's Underground Game Show, where anyone can be a winner- even YOU!
Anita's Underground Game Show… It's The Price Is Right with boobs and booze, an interactive game show where contestants, each randomly selected from the audience, play pricing games to win baked goods, free booze, and so much more! But it's not just fun and games! Hosted, in pasties, by Anita Cookie, Anita's Underground Game Show is packed with live music, jokes, hidden talents, and BOOBS!

Every month, the dazzlingly drunk is joined by that ever so tightly-wound announcer guy, Scott Rayow, as well as her rockin' live band, "The Kindergarteners". Also, Miss Cookie is visited each month by a different celebrity Drinking Buddy, who performs their secret special skill! This month's Drinking Buddy is the Delinquent Darling of Burlesque, Peekaboo Pointe of the World Famous Pontani Sisters. You'll have to COME ON DOWN to see what else this well-known NYC burlesquer can do.

From the theme song to the cookies and right on down to the clevage, Anita's Underground Game Show is a guaranteed good time! Chock full of fun, drinking, and games, games, games!