5 Short Plays that explore the perversity of our most basic and sometimes base relationships, in situations that will make you scratch your head in disbelief.
Party Girl
Written by Kitt Lavoie
Directed by Ian Quinlan
Assistant Director Derrick DeMaria
Featuring Becky Sterling, Lindsay Beecher
& Billy Fenderson
A young lawyer arrives at his cousin’s bachelor party to find his girlfriend, an Ivy League PhD student, working the party as an exotic dancer—two days before he was to introduce her to his family. They must work out how—and if—they can possibly go on together.

Teddy Knows Too Much
Written by Matt Hanf
Directed by Joseph McLaughlin
Assistant Director Cara Liander
Featuring Alexia Tate, Nicole Howard, Chris Enright & Peter Aguero
When a young boy befriends a teddy bear and tells him all of his secrets, he is left with only one option…

Nurturing Bond
Written By Tom Kiesche
Directed By Matthew Kreiner
Featuring: Michael McManus & Melissa Ciesla
A mother and son never separated at birth, at the end of their rope.

Head Games
Written By Justin Warner
Directed By Jason Tyne-Zimmerman
Featuring Nicole Howard, Chris Enright & Lindsay Beecher
In ancient Judea, Salome's uncle Herod returns with the head of John the Baptist, as promised. But the gift doesn't elicit the reaction he anticipated – for a devastating reason.

The Kiss
Written By Mark Harvey Levine
Directed by Melissa Farinelli
Featuring Flor Bromley & Jonathan Wexler
Dennis asks his best friend Allison to judge his kissing skills. Can he help it if she has to kiss him to do it?