Matt Kagen

(Playwright - Let Them Eat Cake; Director - Sans Deus) Matthew has had a wild and crazy year since graduating from James Madison University in Virginia and moving to New York. Within the year, Matthew has discovered the meaning of life and what shawarma is. Favorite NY theatrical projects include: Golden Fleece's "Robert and Hal: An Opera"(Robert), Riant Theatre's "Rock-A-My-Soul: A Rock/Gospel Musical"(Baruch Performing Arts Center), and P.J. Hogan's film "Confessions of a Shopaholic," as Reveler #24, a tuxedoed stud who was nearly close enough to Isla Fisher to smell her hair. Thanks to Case, Adam, Steph, Brogan, and Syd, three talented casts, and my ever-supportive family.

Shows participated in:
Anyone For A Threesome? (2008 - 09) Playwright