Broken Dog Legs

Company: amuse collective

Everyday, SHE meditates at the dog park to try to let go of her slowly deteriorating parents and dead brother. There, she meets her therapist in the wet tongue of a Black Lab German Shepard standing alone by the fence. The therapist dog, who wears a red robe and smokes an intricate pipe, guides SHE on missions to go to the banks of the grave of the boy that is buried, to take off her grotesque mask and hang her face on a doorknob, and to look her dad straight in the eye. This one-woman play is about putting yourself back together after everything you once knew and trusted has fallen apart.
Prior to the show we will be presenting three short (5-10 minute) plays by Emily Conbere.
The Container directed by Kel Haney
Love Letter to Odysseus directed by Michael Rau
I Need You directed by Larissa Lury