Season 9 (September 01, 2006 - August 31, 2007)

Three Neo-Futuristic Views of the Apocalypse. Monkeyland II Written by Rob Neill Directed by Jacquelyn Landgraf In which the end of the world... Written by Justin Tolley Directed by Mark Armstrong Revelations Of a City Of Us Written by Crystal Skillman Directed by Chris Dippel

Written by: Suzanne Bachner

Sex farce meets choose-your-own-adventure in a wild comedy that spirals out from the dentist's chair to the dominatrix's whip with the audience in control all the way. It's never the same show twice. Keep coming back, get a different taste with every Bite.

Written by: P. William Pinto
Directed by: Akia

A Retrospective of the 20th Century. BEHOLD each turn of the screw that loosens or tightens with the passing of another ten years: 10 Things Hidden, 10 Things Ignored DeCADEnce flies from 1903 to 1998 in examination of the lies, truths, and in-betweens which have plagued this country.

Written by: Ronnie Koenig
Directed by: Robert W. McMaster

Meet Dori Richter, a nice Jewish girl from Long Island whose life changes when she answers an ad in the newspaper seeking a writer-editor who must be comfortable with male nudity. DIRTY GIRL takes audiences on a wild, comedic ride from the offices of the fictional Loverboy magazine to steamy photo shoot locales as it tells the story of Dori's quest to find a woman who is actually turned on by the images in her magazine.

Written by: Greg Turner
Directed by: Sara Sahin

Mike knows his best friend Tucker is hard to shop for, but he's shocked when Tucker's wish list has only one thing on it, Mike's wife! Gift Exchange is a touching and arousing new comedy about sex, love and marriage by up and coming playwright Greg Turner.

Company: Edge of Insanity
Written by: Marc Morales

The epic battle between vampire and slayer rages on, in the newest action-packed installment from Edge of Insanity. The Slayers take turns chasing and being chased all over the city and across the country, with gruesome casualties along the way.

Written by: Kiran Rikhye
Directed by: Jon Stancato

A leggy redhead is shot dead in the middle of her nightclub act and Ben Farrell PI, is on the case. The list of suspects grows to include a fatalistic femme fatale, an avaricious publisher, and a millionaire playboy who pens a serialized crime novel called Kill Me Like You Mean It. Turns out that art imitates life and Ben Farrell finds his own life in the pages of the playboy's pulp fiction while the redhead's simple murder mystery quickly degenerates into a sick game for which Farrell never learned the rules.

Directed by: Brendan Turk

Le Lycanthrope is an unofficial sequel to Le Misanthrope, by Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere.

Written by: William Borden
Directed by: Isaac Byrne

Maggie is confronted with her past, present and future as she moves from reality to reality in her exploration of philosophy, nature, love and the lines that bleed between. Axel and Maggie have been having an affair for so long it seems like a marriage, and all the motel rooms are beginning to look alike. Today, however, Maggie has to decide whether to reveal a serious truth, as Axel, in his self-obsessed way, ponders the Many Worlds theory of quantum physics.

Directed by: Neil Casey

One Lump, or Two? is a comedy show which will feature two improvised one-acts. Each show will be different, created on the spot, inspired by an audience suggestion. The cast is trained by the UCB Theater, and directed by Neil Casey.

Written by: Bob Brader
Directed by: Suzanne Bachner

A World Premiere Robert A. Brader, Sr. died on March 3, 2003. Everybody loved him, but nobody knew him. Except his son

Company: Sugar Shack

Come One! Come All! To the world debut of the New York 's newest burlesque sensation.

Written by: Todd Michael

Fighting for interplanetary justice, truth, and freedom, Captain Jock Jupiter of the Rocket Rangers and his faithful sidekick, Twink Turner, ride their roaring rockets through the wild, vast reaches of outer space to save mankind.

Written by: Jeff Goode

The jolly old elf himself is at the top of the naughty list this year and you won't believe what his 8 most trusted reindeer have to say. See 8 takes on the same tragic tale of sex, alcohol, pedophilia and rampant bestiality gone so wrong that Christmas itself is in danger of being cancelled.

Wasabassco is New York's premier wasabi hot pepper sauce manufacturer and proud producer of the best burlesque in the five boroughs. A burlesque leader, this family of beautiful girls and charming gents creates couple-friendly, classy, funny, sexy, standard-raising shows that are as entertaining for the performers as they are for the audience.

Company: RadioTheatre
Written by: Dan Bianchi

85 East 4th Street is a location familiar to ghosthunters and scientists of the paranormal . Its history is riddled with murders and horrible deaths which began even before the present building was erected a hundred years ago. Join us as we plan to uncover its gruesome past and maybe even speak to some of the troubled spirits who still reside there.

Company: Royal Circus
Written by: Brian Silliman
Directed by: Abe Goldfarb

Kicken Petchio is not long for this world... A young boy's dying wish is to find out the end of his favorite book series - The Henry Shield adventures, written by the wizardly A.R. Crowling. Will Kicken fulfill his destiny? Is he prepared to see what lies beyond the cover? And what the hell is wine ice cream?

Directed by: Frank Cwiklik

A town held tightly in the clammy grip of terror! A knife wielding maniac on the loose! Beautiful young girls held hostage by nefarious smut peddlers! A multi million dollar porn racket! And two hard bitten, hard luck cops trying to save us from it all, and largely failing, to be brutally honest. It's all true! Its all real! It’s the Sinister Urge! GIRLS, DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!

Inspired by the Twilight Zone, the writing of H.P. Lovecraft and 1950's horror comics, The Strange Box of Dr. Oddbody is performed as an anthology of three fully-improvised vignettes, and is hosted by Dr. Oddbody himself, as played by Adam Nowak.