The Magic of Mrs. Crowling

Company: Royal Circus
Written by: Brian Silliman
Directed by: Abe Goldfarb

Kicken Petchio is not long for this world... A young boy's dying wish is to find out the end of his favorite book series - The Henry Shield adventures, written by the wizardly A.R. Crowling. Will Kicken fulfill his destiny? Is he prepared to see what lies beyond the cover? And what the hell is wine ice cream?
"If you've ever used your imagination, this is a rough and riotous comedy for you."
- Aaron Riccio, New Theater Corps
"This satisfying comedy ranges from pitch black to oddly moving…a talented cast."

- Tom Nondorf,
"Silliman has created a fantasy world that isn't the expected genre parody or Harry Potter in-joke fest, but a real and interesting place that bears revisiting."
- Sam Thielman, Backstage
"Harry Potter has got nothing on this show…one of the funniest and most heart breaking plays you'll be proud to have seen in New York."
- Chloe Jo Berman,
The Royal Circus in association with Horse Trade presents THE MAGIC OF MRS. CROWLING by Brian Silliman. The production, directed by Abe Goldfarb, will open at the Kraine Theater (85 E. 4th Street) on July 24th following previews July 10 & 17.

Twelve-year-old Kicken Petchio (Paul Wyatt*) is not long for this world. Dying of "undisclosed cancer", his only escape is into the wizardly world of his favorite books: the Henry Shield adventures, written by A.R. Crowling (Shelly Smith). When his father (Brian Silliman) arranges for Kicken to meet his favorite author through Last Ditch Wish, Kicken gets more than he bargained for. As characters from the book come to life and Kicken crosses the threshold between reality and fantasy, he learns that nothing is ever what it seems. Taking its cue from the beloved Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books, The Magic of Mrs. Crowling is for lovers (and haters) of fantasy everywhere.

The creative team for THE MAGIC OF MRS. CROWLING includes Larry Lees (original score), Robin Mates (designer), Afua Richardson (poster art) and Stephanie Williams (Stage Manager).