The Adventures of Jock Jupiter, Rocket Ranger!

Written by: Todd Michael

Fighting for interplanetary justice, truth, and freedom, Captain Jock Jupiter of the Rocket Rangers and his faithful sidekick, Twink Turner, ride their roaring rockets through the wild, vast reaches of outer space to save mankind.
Can Jock and Twink thwart the evil Queen Vultura and her sexy Amazonians from conquering the universe? Can they save the galaxy from the sinister mental probe helmet, which turns its victims into mind-controlled zombies?

Grayce Productions has been delighting sold out audiences with their dead-on parodies of theater, old films and TV shows, since their September 2001 production of Charles Busch's Sleeping Beauty or Coma.

You can wet your appetite with their current romp, Vice Girl Confidential, "Smart, laugh-inducing, and perfect." --, at The Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre in the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival.

Spoofing the homogeneous 50's and their idyllic view of science, Grayce Productions brings their use of gender bending casting, outlandish costuming and simply creative set design to delight their strong and loyal audience with another fall pick-me-up.

Grayce Productions was founded in 2001 by Todd Michael and Neal Sims. Their premiere production was to open the week of 9/11 and they almost thought of scrapping the whole production, as well as the whole production company. But wiser heads prevailed, and more productions followed, including Psycho Sorority Girl , Bad Dames Go to Hell! (15 SpotlightOn Nominations, 2005), Poverty Row Double Horror Show , and Damaged Dames .