Spitting in the Face of the Devil

Written by: Bob Brader
Directed by: Suzanne Bachner

A World Premiere Robert A. Brader, Sr. died on March 3, 2003. Everybody loved him, but nobody knew him. Except his son
The John Montogomery Theatre Company and Horse Trade present

Spitting In The Face Of The Devil

Written and performed by Bob Brader
Directed and developed by Suzanne Bachner

"Bob Brader keeps the audience at their knees with an engaging knack for storytelling adorned with smart humor and a shattering kind of sadness that will linger in the mind."

-Naneh Israelyan, offoffBway.com

“Very much a hit...Mr. Brader is an incredibly versatile and engaging performer...Suzanne Bachner's direction is flawless...I highly recommend this piece."

- Duncan Pflaster, broadwayworld.com

"Compelling Theater...a voyeuristic thrill!"

- Lauren Snyder, offoffonline.com

"Brader's confident, candid storytelling manner and his vivid, earnest writing keep us compelled throughout...rich with intelligence and humor...a gripping, elegantly conceived event."

- Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

Robert A. Brader, Sr. died on March 3, 2003. Everybody loved him, but nobody knew him. Now his son will reveal what nobody but he knows in SPITTING IN THE FACE OF THE DEVIL , a daring and highly personal solo show in the vein of Spalding Gray and Mike Daisey. The show is about the death of the author's father, a terrifying and abusive ex-Marine, and their tension-filled relationship, which is contrasted with the love of his supportive mother. The father harbors a huge secret which will be revealed halfway through the piece; this revelation comes as a gigantic and shocking surprise not only to the author, but also to the audience, who discovers this information along with him.