The Sinister Urge

Directed by: Frank Cwiklik

A town held tightly in the clammy grip of terror! A knife wielding maniac on the loose! Beautiful young girls held hostage by nefarious smut peddlers! A multi million dollar porn racket! And two hard bitten, hard luck cops trying to save us from it all, and largely failing, to be brutally honest. It's all true! Its all real! It’s the Sinister Urge! GIRLS, DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!
Gape in wonder as bumbling Lt. Matt Carson, and his partner, the affable but largely useless Sgt. Randy Stone, patrol the streets of the Big City! Shriek in terror as defenseless citizens are stalked and slaughtered by the deadly Dirk Williams, psycho killer par excellence! Boo and hiss at the sinister machinations of the dastardly Gloria Henderson, smut picture racket queen, and her slick and snazzy con man, handsome Johnny Ride! Ooo and aah at the splendiferous wonder of the luscious lasses and buxom babes who populate the pinup and girlie industry! And, finally, reel in horror at the fate of charming young Mary Smith, who comes to the Big City seeking fame and fortune, only to find sleaze, tragedy, and trauma! It’s all here on our stage, big as life, in full color! The Sinister Urge! Ripped from today’s headlines, a cautionary tale for young and old!

From the files of Edward D. Wood, Jr, universally praised as the most inept screenwriter in movie history, and from director Frank Cwiklik, whose previous excursions into theatrical mayhem resulted in the recent SRO staging of Orgy of the Dead!, as well as past classics Sugarbaby! and Antony and Cleopatra, this is The Sinister Urge!, a madcap, livewire, high-octane comedy/burlesque/musical/thriller/exploitation instaclassic!

This revival of the hit comedy classic from the late, lamented DMTheatrics boasts the return of Michele Schlossberg, Bryan Enk, and Bob Brader in their original roles. It also reunites director Frank Cwiklik with many of the cast members of Do What Now’s recent smash hit Orgy of the Dead, including Josh Mertz as the swingin’ Johnny Ride, Matthew Gray as the buoyant Randy Stone, and the tempting talents of Shoshanna Hoffert, Jennifer Leigh, Jessica Savage, and Jessica Silver as the comely young lasses who populate both the bright daylight streets and the sultry night alleys of Big City, USA. With new Do What Now players Kevin Orzechowski and Mateo Moreno as the citizens of the Big Town, and newcomer Melissa Nearman as the comic and tragic young Mary Smith, this energetic and irresistible cast bring the wild, weird, wobbly world of Ed “Plan Nine” Wood to unforgettable life. Director Frank Cwiklik once again applies his full-throttle, non-stop energy to this dazzling tour de force of multimedia madness, choreographed mayhem, and pure entertainment. It’s like a Sherman tank of comedy ready to roll you over!