The Evil Show

Wasabassco is New York's premier wasabi hot pepper sauce manufacturer and proud producer of the best burlesque in the five boroughs. A burlesque leader, this family of beautiful girls and charming gents creates couple-friendly, classy, funny, sexy, standard-raising shows that are as entertaining for the performers as they are for the audience.
Wasabassco, the infamous purveyor of hot sauce and hot women, brings its diabolical brand of burlesque to Manhattan for the first time ever, where everything will go to hell... literally. When seven gorgeous women and one charming trickster dally with the devil, beauty gets sinister and the performances pernicious in WASABASSCO'S EVIL NIGHT at the Kraine. So trade your eternal soul for the chance to see nefarious numbers by Delirium Tremens, Gigi LaFemme, Little Brooklyn, Nasty Canasta, Nelson Lugo, Peekaboo Pointe, Ruby Valentine, Scarlet Sinclair, hosted by Jonny Porkpie as Mephistopheles.