Edge of Insanity

New York City
Edge of Insanity was born in June of 2000 when co-creators Marc Morales and Kari O'Donnell were working as singing waiters in a really crappy place. One day while working in this really crappy place, their eyes locked across the dirty bar and Edge of Insanity was born. Taking a few people from work, Edge began with its own variety show interpretation in local comedy clubs. A gig at UNDER St. Marks followed, where they were seen by a member of Horse Trade Theater Group and offered a home in their resident company program, continuing their variety show weekly in The Red Room. After 7 months, they were told that they needed a full length production, and Galaxy Video was born. The show went on to be published in Plays and Playwrights 2003 as well as Greatest Women's Stage Monologues 2004 . Galaxy has since been revived at California State University Northridge and the University of Montana . But one day like the great Simpson and Bruckheimer Morales and O'Donnell broke up, but without the cocaine and death. Edge survived, however, going on to produce The Lounge, The Show, and The Coming of Dick all produced by Jennifer Lieberman and Roxane Policare. After losing Roxane to Las Vegas and Jen to Canada , Edge rocked its 5th season with the long awaited sequel, Galaxy Video 2 , performed in rep with the first NYC revival of Galaxy Video , both produced by Morgan Lindsey Tachco, with the always resourceful and dependable help of Joanna H. Clay and our girl in Vegas. Now having gone bicoastal, Edge is proud to present Heartbreak …come on down to see it – but we can't promise not to bite.

Shows created:
Heartbreak (2007)
Galaxy Video 2 (2006)
Galaxy Video (2006)