Akia (Director/Founding Artistic Director) is an active member of the flourishing Off-Off/Indie & Off Broadway theatre communities having produced, directed, and performed with numerous NYC companies since 1997. Akia is the Company Manager for the international sensation, The Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theater.  Proudly, she is the Founding Artistic Director of the Rising Sun Performance Company, now in entering its ninth season, and has been involved on all levels with each of its 35+ productions.She is a Board Member of The Paul Butterfield Fund & Society, and Company Manager for The New York Innovative Theatre Awards & Foundation, where she serves on their honorary awards committee as Sub-Committee Chairman and as an At-Large Judge. Past notable credits include working on staff at Horse Trade Theatre Group, serving as General Manager for FRIGID New York’s inaugural year, and returning as Volunteer Coordinator in 2009; she also served as Production Coordinator for nationally acclaimed Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, overseeing the playwrights unit and INSIGHT 13 production series. Most recently Akia directed the remount of “Goodnight Lovin’ Trail” at the Best of Strawberry Fest and the Inaugural Wilmington FRINGE festival. This past summer she was the recipient of the NewYork Innovative Theatre Awards “Founders Award” for her contributions to the organization. Thanks to this amazing family of theatre artists, Erez, Heidi and Horse TRADE, to Frank, friends & family for putting up with her long absences from the world around her in pursuit of theatre, and especially to Tiffini, David, Tiffany & Lindsay her brilliant partners in crime, for their faith and belief in this merry band of lunatics.  Merde’!!

Shows participated in:
Encounters (2009 - 10) Director
Last Supper (2009 - 10) Director
A'Spress (2007 - 08) Director
Perceptions (2007 - 08) Director
DeCADEnce (2006 - 07) Director
Hell Cab (2005 - 06) Director