Todd Michael

(Playwright/Rita Vance) Todd is the founding Artistic Director of Gracye Productions. Plays he’s written and performed with them include Bad Dames Go To Hell (The Red Room, 2003), Poverty Row Double Horror Show (The Red Room, 2004), The Greatest B-Movie Ever Told (FringeNYC, 2005), Vice Girl Confidential (FringeNYC Outstanding Ensemble Award, 2006; 2008 revival at Under St. Marks), Say Your Prayers, Mug (The Red Room, 2007), Tough Guys Don’t Shoot Blanks (FringeNYC, 2008) and Buddy Becker’s Big Uncut Flick (FringeNYC, 2009). Looking forward to acting out of drag in Apple Core’s upcoming production of William M. Hoffman’s As Is. Thanks to Walter, Allison, and this perfect cast and crew. Love to Peter, Mom and Gracye – 101 years old and still going strong!

Shows participated in:
Right Cross Rhapsody (2009 - 10) Playwright
Vice Girl Confidential (2008 - 09) Producer
Say Your Prayers, Mug! (2007 - 08) Director
The Adventures of Jock Jupiter, Rocket Ranger! (2006 - 07) Playwright-Performer