Frank Cwiklik

FRANK CWIKLIK (Director) is now in his second decade of pumping out loud, excessive, almost entirely pointless theater in various NYC venues, despite the pleas and entreaties of audiences and critics, and in defiance of several court orders and Federal regulations. With his needlessly gargantuan theater company, the roundly despised DMTheatrics, he has produced and/or directed over thirty shows since 1999, and has worked as an actor and designer for dozens of shows for other defenseless entities in that time. His best-known works include the influential S&M futuristic fantasia Bitch Macbeth (whose third appearance at Williamsburg’s Brick Theater smashed box office records and earned a 4-star review in Time Out New York); the controversial political satire Sugarbaby! (published in the 2004 NYTE Plays and Playwrights Collection, available; the smash-hit Vegas version of Antony and Cleopatra (winner 2003 OOBR Award for Outstanding Production); an infamous series of Ed Wood adaptations which played to sellout crowds at the legendary Todo Con Nada, as well as The Red Room, The Brick, and The St. Marks Studio Theater; and countless more. Recently, he produced and directed the world theatrical premiere of the viral phenomenon Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, which broke indie NYC theater attendance records and attracted audiences from as far away as Sweden and the U.K; and the stage adaptation of Plan 9 From Outer Space, which the New York Times called "just about perfect", which proves their standards have slipped precipitously. His most recent work, Bible and Wine, played at The Kraine Theater in February of 2011, and featured two new tracks from orchestral pop pioneer Eric Matthews. Cwiklik's immersive, eccentric, aggressive directorial style has earned him praise from The Village Voice, The New York Times, Time Out New York,, Backstage, and Show Business Weekly, and has influenced many directors working both on and off Broadway. Cwiklik's DMTheatrics Laboratories are busily constructing the next phase of his ongoing assault on delicate sensibilities, including American Shakespeare Factory entries As You Like It and Hamlet; an adaptation of the noir classic Scarlet Street; and God's Comic, a fantasia based on the work of silent comedy great Harry Langdon.

Shows participated in:
The Taming of the Shrew (2010 - 11) Director
The Sinister Urge (2006 - 07) Director