Neil Casey

Neil Casey has been writing and performing at the UCB for 5 years. He can be seen weekly improvising with the feral Friday night improv group Death By Roo Roo at 11pm (, at colleges and festival across the country with the UCB Touring Company, and on specia loccasions with the uncanny comedy quartet Krohmpf, which must be seen to be seen. Over the years, he performed in Instant Cinema which ran for two years, The After-School Super Power Hour, and on several resident UCB house teams on Harold Night. In addition to improv, Neil has written and performed in several sketch shows including Your Favorite Thing with Joe Wengert, The Church of Positivitology with the group GameFace, The 4/20 Show, and various showcases at the theater. He co-wrote and animated the Math Dragon cartoon shorts, and has been involved in several series for Channel 102 ( including Gemberling (soon to be on Adult Swim), Cat News, and most recently The Incredible Drunk which he co-wrote and starred in with fellow Death By Roo Roo scumbag Anthony Atamanuik. He directed the One Act Slow Night written by and starring Sarah Burns and Margot Leitman which continues to run on the UCB Stage, as well as the sketch show That's My Booze! as well as Katie Dippold's One-Woman Murder Mystery which you would have loved

Shows participated in:
One Lump, or Two? (2006 - 07) Director