Season 10 (September 01, 2007 - August 31, 2008)
Directed by: John Patrick Hayden

Its Buried Child meets Def Leppard. It’s 100 Years of Solitude written by Twisted Sister. The ground literally moves beneath the feet of the Sturgess family with the arrival of a strange visitor, some heavy metal-tinged magic in the air and the revelation that one of them may be part of the world’s most notorious rock band. Disgraced Productions brings to the stage all the fun, attitude and absurdity of 80s heavy metal mixed with a working class family trying to keep all that they have, each other, from slipping away.

Written by: Adam Purvis
Directed by: Akia

How far will someone go to outrun guilt? How long can the most unlikely of friendships survive in the streets?

Company: Anita Cookie

Anita's comedy fest takes place in a cellar-like space below St. Marks Place and, much like smoking a joint, it induces a silly amount of mirth.

If your Maker is chasing you and youre already made, logic would tell us its coming to unmake you...

A simple girl, tormented by bullies, receives a divine visitation. When her angel tells her she can stand up to her tormentors, she does. What will happen when he tells her she can control the world?

Stand up, sketch and music. Free show, amazing lineup and 4 dollar tallboys. Who could ask for anything more?

Directed by: Harrison Williams

We all live in structures--some we see, some we don't. Some we create, some are created for us. Glass Houses is the story of five people whose hidden structures are revealed as their lives begin to unravel. This explosive new drama explores the intricacy of our structured lives and the delicacy of our relationships.

Directed by: johnmichael rossi

Horse Trade is proud to support the promising newFangled theatReR in the further development and extension of Mac Wellman's Harm's Way out of the first ever FRIGID Festival.

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman
Directed by: OLIVER BUTLER

Bound and blindfolded in a war-torn country, two hostages take refuge in music, memory and each other in this new indie-rock musical.

Directed by: Jon Stancato

Set in the demimonde of Weimar Berlin, one cabaret offers access to the ultimate taboo: watching adults play as children. The Stolen Chair Theatre Company presents the world's greatest children's story, told exclusively for an adult audience. After all, why should childhood be wasted on the young?

Written by: KEVIN LAUB

Horse Trade presents a Little Village Playhouse workshop. A new musical by Adam David Cohen and Kevin Laub

Founding Artistic Director, Akia has selected the work of 3 up and coming playwrights as part of their Aspire to Inspire Series, one of RSP’s many programs created to support the work of emerging and established NYC theatre artists. Two of the plays are making their stage debut, and the other scripts have been paired with new directors to allow a fresh perspective on the work.

Directed by: Todd Michael

Mr. and Mrs. Matinee themselves, Skip Rayburn and Dottie Haines, host the 1950s television show Sunrise Cinema and eagerly present the long-lost thriller, Say Your Prayers, Mug! In between the bubbly hosts’ banter, the 1935 gangster flick comes to life on stage, complete with fist-swingin’ cops and fast-talkin’ mobsters. A parody within a parody, SAY YOUR PRAYERS, MUG! Playfully sends up not one, but two genres of yesteryear.

Written by: Bob Brader
Directed by: Suzanne Bachner

Robert A. Brader, Sr. died on March 3, 2003. Everybody loved him, but nobody knew him. Except his son

Written by: Jeff Sproul
Directed by: Lindsey Moore

Written by Jeff Sproul, Directed by Lindsey Moore

Written by: Greg Turner
Directed by: Sara Sahin

It's a summer of innocence for teenage cousins growing closer by the minute and experiencing love for the first time. As youth, rebellion and lust give way to betrayal and obsession, one moment changes them forever and takes them on very separate paths. How can you let go of the past when it has shaped your entire life? And what if you don't want to?

Written by: Dan Trujillo
Directed by: Isaac Butler

Written by Dan Trujillo, Directed by Isaac Butler

Company: DM Theatrics

A new comedy from the creator of Bitch Macbeth and Sugarbaby