A simple girl, tormented by bullies, receives a divine visitation. When her angel tells her she can stand up to her tormentors, she does. What will happen when he tells her she can control the world?
A little girl from America’s Heartland is commanded by God to rule the world. Well, not God exactly, an angel. Well, maybe not an angel, more of a ghost. But a famous ghost! Struggling to fulfill her destiny she goes to a radical college, has a career, a husband & a baby, toys with a wide variety of hairstyles (and headbands!), becomes a Democrat, a First Lady and a Senator. She’s going to be leader of the world – free or otherwise.
Because it’s what God wants.

Chosen continues Dysfunctional Theatre’s rich tradition of political & social satire (Hoover: A Love Story, Mr. Rogers’ Y2K, Il Duce: The Rudy Giuliani Story). Inspired by the lives of Hillary Rodham Clinton & St. Bernadette of Lourdes, Chosen explores & satirizes politicians and their creation of modern myth in America.