Jeff Sproul

Jeff Sproul (Mayor) is the co-founder of No Tea Productions with his amazing wife Lindsey. He has performed in each of No Tea’s previous shows, as well as having written The Kentucky Goblin Siege, The Artistical Process of Mark & Andy, and “Evacuation Plan” from the show Liars. He has appeared in numerous stage productions in New York and Colorado, the independent films Flowers and Rehearsal, and the short films In Transit and Straphanger. Many thanks to Heidi, Nicole, Terrence and the rest of the cast and crew of Lines for being so helpful and welcoming during his rather late arrival to this fantastic show.

Shows participated in:
Lines (2010 - 11) Performer
WORK: A Play (2010 - 11) Performer
Poppy Cock (2009 - 10) Performer
Liars (2008 - 09) Performer
Plucking Failures Like Ripe Fruit (2008 - 09) Artistic Director
The Artistical Process of Mark and Andy (2007 - 08) Playwright-Performer