The Wild Women of Wakky-Nunu!

Company: DM Theatrics

A new comedy from the creator of Bitch Macbeth and Sugarbaby
There is a legend spoken of in hushed whispers amongst connoisseurs of mystery, adventure, and fine living… a legend of an island paradise inhabited solely by a tribe of powerful and beautiful women… Amazons! Deep in the forbidden tropics they reside and conquer, their existence a closely guarded secret, their location an inscrutable mystery! It is this legend that spurs an over-the-hill actor-turned-nature-show-host and his beleaguered, put-upon sidekick to their greatest adventure yet! Aided by a sexy young starlet hungry for fame and fortune and a young photographer with a chip on her shoulder and nothing left to lose, their journey begins – only to be cut short by plane trouble and catastrophe! Now, the womanizing Jake Manley is about to learn that you should be careful what you wish for, when he finally encounters… THE WILD, WILD WOMEN OF WAKKY-NUNU!