By the Banks of the Nile

Written by: Deborah Asiimwe
Directed by: Christopher Burris

Is there post black black theatre? If so, what are the stories? Amid the diffusion of the term post black black in American society and art, seven up-and-coming playwrights of African descent including Deborah Asiimwe, Radha Blank, Kelley Girod, Katori Hall, Derek Lee McPhatter, Germono Toussaint, and Pia Wilson have come together to answer these questions. The Fire This Time Festival showcases new short plays as a special Black History Month offering at the Horse Trade Theater. The Festival explores the diverse possibilities of contemporary American drama and challenging new directions for 21st century black theatre.
Achiro and Adriko live by the banks of river Nile as husband and wife. The existence of their union is denied by the Church because they are not “properly” wed. Adriko must do anything to have a “proper” church wedding even if it means stealing mosquito nets intended for the community, to make a wedding dress for his wife.