Season 8 (September 01, 2005 - August 31, 2006)
Written by: Suzanne Bachner

Sex farce meets choose-your-own-adventure in a wild comedy that spirals out from the dentist's chair to the dominatrix's whip with the audience in control all the way. It's never the same show twice. Keep coming back, get a different taste with every Bite.

Written by: Suzanne Bachner
Directed by: Trish Minskoff

From the Creators of the hit comedy Circle, A New Comedy by Suzanne Bachner Conceived by Felicia Scarangello, Directed by Trish Minskoff.

Company: Edge of Insanity
Directed by: Marc Morales

Someone once asked which was better, the renting of the movie or the experience of going to the video store? One hour before closing the employees of Galaxy Video are forced to deal with the everyday problems of their own lives as well as those customers seeking films like Midnight Cowboy and that movie that had that guy in it who was in that movie with that girl. All while trying to navigate through the biggest video store in the universe.

Company: Edge of Insanity
Directed by: Marc Morales

Once upon a time there was a video store and it came crashing to the ground. One year later Galaxy Video reopens its doors this time under the watchful eye of The Man who plans to franchise the store faster than a trendy coffee bar on a New York City block. Will The Man succeed or will the band of rebel without a clue employees foil its evil plan?

Written by: Will Kern
Directed by: Akia

Do You Dare Pay the Fare? Hell Cab is a day in the life story of a cab driver in for the longest night of his life as he transports a bizarre and mysterious collection of customers through the gritty streets of Chicago.

Directed by: Ben Rimalower

Starring The Village People’s Randy Jones as God, and Tony nominee Jonathan Kaplan as Lot

Company: Sugar Shack

Come One! Come All! To the world debut of the New York 's newest burlesque sensation.

Directed by: Jon Stancato

A live silent film for the stage